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DeMaria, Anthony J,
Oral history interview with Anthony John DeMaria, 1984 April 13.
Research and education, 1956 to ca. 1970. Establishment of the electromagnetics group at United Aircraft Research Center, 1958. Inauguration of laser research after the Schawlow-Townes paper appeared. Modulating laser output. Modelocking investigations. Laser work on fusion and gas-dynamic CO2 lasers by other United Technologies groups. Also prominently mentioned are: Nicolaas Bloembergen, Chap Cutler, Edward Danielson, Carl Feyrar, Fork, Bill Glenn, Steve Hanis, Logan E. Hargrove, Hans Heynau, Henry Hoadley, George Housemann, Ippen, Arthur Robert Kantrowitz, Wes Kuhrt, Willis E. Lamb, John Lee, Reiss Meyerand, Al Penny, Peter Persham, Pollack, Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov, Arthur Leonard Schawlow, Marlan Scully, Chuck Shank, Ben Snavely, Charles Hard Townes, Brian Tracy, Caspar Ultec, Hans Weber; Andersen Laboratories, Inc., Avco-Everett Research Laboratory, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Eastman Kodak Co., Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Group, Office of Naval Research of United States Navy, and University of Connecticut.
Bloembergen, N.
DeMaria, Anthony J.
Lamb, Willis E. (Willis Eugene), 1913-2008
Prokhorov, A. M. (Aleksandr Mikhań≠lovich), 1916-
Schawlow, Arthur L., 1921-1999
Townes, Charles H.
Avco-Everett Research Laboratory.
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Eastman Kodak Company.
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Group.
United Aircraft Corporation. Research Laboratories.
United States. Office of Naval Research.
United Technologies Corporation.
Lasers -- History.
Lasers -- Research.
Oral histories. aat
Interviews. aat
Sound recordings. aat
Transcripts. aat
Cutler, Chap.
Danielson, Edward.
Feyrar, Carl.
Fork, Richard.
Glenn, Bill.
Hanis, Steve.
Hargrove, Logan Ezral.
Heynau, Hans.
Hoadley, Henry.
Housemann, George.
Kantrowitz, Arthur
Kuhrt, Wes.
Lee, John.
Meyerand, Reiss.
Penny, Al.
Pershan, Peter.
Schully, Marlan.
Shank, Chuck.
Snavely, Benjamin.
Tracy, Brian.
Ultec, Caspar.
Weber, Hans.
Andersen Laboratories.
Bromberg, Joan Lisa. interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA