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Jordan, Pascual, 1902-1980
Oral history interview with Ernst Pascual Jordan, 1963 June 17, 18, 19 and 20.
This interview was conducted as part of the Archives for the History of Quantum Physics project, which includes tapes and transcripts of oral history interviews conducted with ca. 100 atomic and quantum physicists. Subjects discuss their family backgrounds, how they became interested in physics, their educations, people who influenced them, their careers including social influences on the conditions of research, and the state of atomic, nuclear, and quantum physics during the period in which they worked. Discussions of scientific matters relate to work that was done between approximately 1900 and 1930, with an emphasis on the discovery and interpretations of quantum mechanics in the 1920s. Also prominently mentioned are: Artin, Niels Henrik David Bohr, Max Born, Bose, Louis de Broglie, Johannes Martinus Burgers, Eugène Charles Catalan, Compton, Richard Courant, Charles Galton Darwin, Peter Josef William Debye, Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, William Duane, Paul Ehrenfest, Albert Einstein, Walter M. Elsasser, Paul Sophus Epstein, Enrico Fermi, Markus Fierz, Flamm, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Fok, James Franck, Jakov Frenkel, Walther Gerlach, Walter Grotrian, Wilhelm Hanle, Werner Heisenberg, Hellinger, Paul Hertz, David Hilbert, Helmut Hönl, Hoppe, Friedrich Hund, Oskar Benjamin Klein, Fr. Knauer, Wilhelm Kohlrausch, Hendrik Anthony Kramers, Ralph de Laer Kronig, Alfred Kuehn, Rudolf Walther Ladenburg, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Ernst Mach, Walther Meissner, Frl. Mensing, Minkowski, Emmy Noether, Lothar Nordheim, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Wolfgang Pauli, Max Planck, Robert Wichard Pohl, Henri Poincaré, Ludwig Prandtl, Léon Rosenfeld, Carl Runge, Erwin Schrödinger, L. A. Sommer, Arnold Sommerfeld, Frl. Sponer, Otto Stern, Thomas, Timofeeff-Ressovsky, Toeplitz, John Hasbrouck Van Vleck, Victor Frederick Weisskopf, Eugene Paul Wigner; Hanover Technische Hochschule, Kben︣havns Universitet, Universität Göttingen, Universität Hamburg, Universität München, and Universität Rostock.
Bohr, Niels, 1885-1962
Born, Max, 1882-1970
Broglie, Louis de, 1892-1987
Burgers, J. M. (Johannes Martinus), 1895-
Courant, Richard, 1888-1972.
Darwin, Charles Galton, Sir, 1887-1962.
Debye, Peter J. W. (Peter Josef William), 1884-1966
Dirac, P. A. M. (Paul Adrien Maurice), 1902-1984
Duane, William, 1872-1935.
Ehrenfest, Paul, 1880-1933.
Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955
Elsasser, Walter M., 1904-
Epstein, Paul S. (Paul Sophus), 1883-1966
Fermi, Enrico, 1901-1954
Fierz, Markus.
Fok, V. A. (Vladimir Aleksandrovich), 1898-1974
Franck, James, 1882-1964.
Frenkel', IA. I. (IAkov Il'ich), 1894-1952.
Gerlach, Walther, 1889-1979
Hanle, Wilhelm, 1901-
Heisenberg, Werner, 1901-1976
Hilbert, David, 1862-1943.
Hertz, Paul, b. 1881.
Hund, Friedrich, 1896-1997
Jordan, Pascual, 1902-1980
Klein, Oskar
Kramers, Hendrik Anthony, 1894-1952.
Kronig, R. (Ralph), 1904-
Ladenburg, Rudolf Walter, 1882-1952.
Lorentz, H. A. (Hendrik Antoon), 1853-1928.
Mach, Ernst, 1838-1916
Oppenheimer, J. Robert, 1904-1967
Pauli, Wolfgang, 1900-1958
Planck, Max, 1858-1947.
Pohl, Robert Wichard, 1884-1976
Poincaré, Henri, 1854-1912.
Prandtl, Ludwig, 1875-1953
Rosenfeld, L. (Leon), 1904-1974
Runge, Carl, 1856-1927.
Schrödinger, Erwin, 1887-1961
Sommerfeld, Arnold, 1868-1951
Stern, Otto, 1888-1969
Van Vleck, J. H. (John Hasbrouck), 1899-
Weisskopf, Victor Frederick, 1908-2002
Wigner, Eugene Paul, 1902-1995
Københavns universitet
Technische Hochschule Hannover.
Universität Göttingen
Universität Hamburg.
Universität München.
Universität Rostock.
Atomic theory.
Nuclear physics.
Quantum theory
Science -- History.
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Catalan, Eugéne Charles.
Grotrian, Walter.
Hönl, Helmut.
Kuehn, Alfred.
Meissner, Walther.
Mensing, Fraulein.
Noether, Emmy, 1882-1935
Nordheim, Lothar, 1899-
Sommer, L. A.
Sponer, Hertha, 1895-1968.
Kuhn, Thomas S. interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Center for History of Physics. Archives for the History of Quantum Physics.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA