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Morgan, Stanley Owen, 1900-
Oral history interview with Stanley Owen Morgan, 1975 July 3.
Union College majoring in chemistry, 1918; attended special lectures at General Electric by Irving Langmuir, Saul Dushman and Albert W. Hull; joined Western Electric Company in engineering department after graduation. First work on microphone carbon. To Princeton University on Homer Lowry's advice, studying dielectrics with Harry Smythe. During Bell Laboratories expansion in 1930, rejoined old group, now working on dielectrics; became department head, 1931; Addison White. By 1932 group concentrated on dielectrics; work included varistors and ceramics (Joe Becker, Gerald Pearson, Walter Brattain), after 1938. Start of piezoelectric crystals interest; new ideas in quantum physics pursued by Allan Holden and others; Foster Nix and William Shockley's unifying influence in physics department. Mervin Kelly and James Fisk's work on vacuum tubes. Michigan summer schools; stimulating journal and discussion groups started by Andy Liehr for chemists. Solid state group started by Kelly and Fisk; Morgan co-headed with Shockley, from 1945; sub-groups within the group: Richard Bozorth on magnetism, Frederick S. Goucher on carbon and varistors, Warren P. Mason on filters and acoustic properties of crystals. Zone refining idea by William G. Pfann. By 1954 solid state group had been scattered. Organizing recruiting teams for Ph.D. Also prominently mentioned are: John Bardeen, Richard Orvis Grisdale, E. J. Murphy; and General Electric Company.
Bozorth, R. M. (Richard M.)
Brattain, Walter H. (Walter Houser), 1902-1987
Kelly, Mervin Joe.
Morgan, Stanley Owen, 1900-
Shockley, William, 1910-1989
Bell Telephone Laboratories
General Electric Company.
Princeton University
Western Electric Company.
Union College (Schenectady, N. Y.) -- Students.
Solid state physics
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Quantum theory
Bardeen, John
Becker, Joseph A.
Dushman, Saul.
Grisdale, Richard Orvis.
Fisk, James B. (James Brown), 1910-1981.
Goucher, Frederick.
Holden, Alan
Hull, Albert Wallace, 1880-1966.
Langmuir, Irving, 1881-1957.
Lowry, Homer.
Mason, Warren Perry.
Murphy, Edward Joseph.
Nix, Foster Cary, 1905-
Pearson, Gerald Leondus.
Pfann, William G.
Smyth, Henry De Wolf, 1898- .
White, Addison Hughson.
Hoddeson, Lillian. interviewer.
American Institute of Physics. Niels Bohr Library & Archives. One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, USA