Marie Curie - Her Story in Brief
Marie Curie - Her Story in Brief
From Poland to ParisLooking for a Laboratory, Finding LoveThe Discovery of RadiumHonors, Disasters, & RenewalRadium Campaigns  
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Cropped from Pierre Curie C6. 
Credit:  ACJC



FROM POLAND TO PARIS:  A Patriot Without a Nation

Cropped from Marie Curie G5. 
Credit:  ACJC



The Sklodowski children. 
Credit:  ACJC



Europe in the late 19th century.
From The Public Schools Historical Atlas ed. C. Colbeck, 1905, scanned by the University of Texas at Austin. [permission given for educational purposes].
Source: http://www.lib.utexas.

Marie Curie's mother. 
Credit:  ACJC




Marie Curie's high school diploma.
Credit:  ACJC



FROM POLAND TO PARIS:  A Pact Between Sisters

Marie and Bronya Sklodowska
Credit: ACJC


Kazmierz Zorawski, son of the family Marie worked for as a teacher.
Credit:  ACJC



Buildings in the Old Town of Warsaw
Source: http://www.brian.graney.
Copyright Brian Graney.



Eiffel tower lit up with electricity, 1900. [from educational site; out of copyright] 



Gustave Caillebotte:  Boulevard Haussmann, Snow ca. 1880-1881. 


Marie Curie portrait from 1892.
Credit:  ACJC



Pierre Curie with Marie.
Credit:  ACJC



The Curies in their lab at the
Paris Municipal School in 1896.
Credit:  ACJC





Marie with Pierre and IrPne
Credit:  ACJC




A flask of radium.

Wilhelm Roentgen A6. 
Credit:  AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Lande Collection
Copyright holder unknown.


Mystery part I:  The Mystery of the Rays

Henri Becquerel A2, Courtesy of Culver Service, NBS Archives, courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives



Mineral containing uranium fluorescing under strong ultraviolet light.  Copyright:  Thomas Seilnacht
Source:  : http://www.

With friendly permission of Thomas Seilnacht ©

Mystery part II:  Attacking the Mystery


Curie Electrometer.
Credit:  ACJC.



Thorite, a mineral containing U and Th.  Permission to copy descriptions  and images is granted for personal and educational use only. All such copies must include this copyright notice and explicit references to the URL
Copyright (c) 1995,1996,1997,1998 by Terran Technologies, Inc.
All rights reserved."

Curies' pitchblende.
Source unknown.




The school courtyard.
From: Fondation Curie, Le radium : Célébration du vingt-cinquiPme anniversaire de sa découverte.  Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 1924.
Credit:  ACJC.

Mystery part III:  The Mystery Answered

Radium metal, freshly prepared.



Polonium metal as a thin film on a steel disc.



Rutherford lecturing at McGill University, Montreal.
Ernest Rutherford A8. 
 Credit:  Portrait by R. G. Matthews, 1907.  Copyright McGill University, Montreal.  All enquiries to the Dean or to the Secretary of the Board of Governors.

A flask of radium.

The Discovery of Radium, continued.

A lump of pitchblende.
Source:  http://www.
Copyright Robert James.


A page from the Curies' lab notebook
From: "Courtesy Eve Curie, HélPne Langevin and Ed. Denöel," from M. Curie, "Recherches sur les substances radioactives," reprint edited by H. Klickstein, (St. Louis, MO: Mallinckrodt Chemical Co. Classics of Radiology, Vol. 2, 1966)
Credit:  ACJC

A French newspaper drawing.
From: Monique Bordry, Soraya Boudia et al., Les rayons de la vie : une histoire des applications médicales..., Paris : Institut Curie, 1998.
Credit:  ACJC


The shed where radium was isolated.
Source:  http://dbhs.wvusd.
Copyright holder uknown.


Extraction of radium in the old shed where Marie Curie first obtained the element in the early 1900s.
From Pierre Curie by Marie Curie, Macmillan, 1923.

Radiation therapy.
From:  Union MiniPre du Haut-Katanga, Radium, Brussels, Union MiniPre, ca. 1932.

A dish with a bit of radium compound.
From: Fondation Curie, Le radium : Célébration du vingt-cinquieme
anniversaire de sa découverte.  Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 1924.
Credit:  ACJC

Marie and Pierre Curie in their garden.
Pierre Curie C12
Credit:  ACJC


Honors, Disasters then Renewal

Marie Curie A1.  Credit:  AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, W. F. Meggers Gallery of Nobel Laureates
Copyright holder unknown.

Marie Curie C3.  Credit:  AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives. From:  Vanity Fair, December 1904.

Marie on a Dluski balcony.
Credit:  ACJC



Marie used the glass flask pictured here during her research for solutions of radium salts. The glass has been discoloured by radiation from the radium. © Science Museum/Science & Society Picture Library" [see: ].

The right-wing French press, including the daily Excelsior, attacked Curie's candidacy for the French Academy with scurrilous and racist claims based on supposedly scientific analyses of her handwriting and facial characteristics.
Credit: L'Excelsior, 23 January 1911



1911 Solvay Conference.
Credit:  Photographie Benjamin Couprie, Institut International de Physique Solvay, courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives

Radium Campaigns

Radium Institute.
Source:Eve Curie, Madame Curie.
New York: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1938.

Curie in X-ray vehicle.

Source:  Marie and IrPne Curie, Correspondance; choix de lettres, 1905-1934, edited by Gillette Ziegler. Paris: Éditeurs français réunis, 1974, © Ed. fran. réunis


Irene and Marie Curie training soldiers.
Credit:  ACJC.



Irene and Marie Curie working together at the Radium Institute.
Credit:  ACJC.



Curie in New York in 1920, surrounded by newsmen.
© Institut Curie
Source:  http://www.


Marie Curie with her daughter IrPne, her son-in-law Frédéric Joliot-Curie and other family members.
Curie Marie G1.  
Credit:  Societe Francais de Physique, Paris, courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives


The Curie Foundation hospital © Institut Curie


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