Quantum Mechanics: 1925-1927
The Uncertainty Relations
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Don't miss this cartoon, "Lil' Werner" by Aaron Diaz.

Hear Hans Bethe talk briefly about Bohr and quantum mechanics. And here's a set of Bethe lectures: personal perspectives on quantum physics (video or audio)

A 14-page essay on the Origins of Quantum Theory by Cathryn Carson (PDF)

A biography of Max Planck, who originated quantum theory.

There are many good places on the Web explaining the physics, for example:

Todd's Intro to Quantum Mechanics A well-illustrated introduction.

Some Basic Ideas About Quantum Mechanics A brief summary.

What Is Quantum Theory About? Another brief summary.

Visual Quantum Mechanics A more thorough explanation.

Measurement in Quantum Mechanics FAQ summary on the measurement problem.

Philosophy of the Uncertainty Principle Technical discussion from Stanford's Encyclopedia of Philosophy; see also their Quantum Mechanics article for advanced students.


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Triumph of the Copenhagen Interpretation


The Uncertainty Principle

More Info:

The Uncertainty Relations

Derivation of Uncertainty Relations

The Gamma-Ray Microscope

Implications of Uncertainty

What Good Is It?

Heisenberg Speaking on the Origins of Uncertainty

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