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Photo donation program

ESVA logoThe Emilio Segrè Visual Archives is the most popular collections in the Niels Bohr Library & Archives, drawing requests for over 2000 photographs a year. The photographs are provided on a non-profit basis, strictly for educational use. They are much appreciated by writers of history books and articles, publishers of science textbooks, and makers of educational films, television shows, CD-ROMs and the like.

The collection is built on materials we receive from personal collections. We are always delighted to receive donations of photographs, films, videotapes and other visual materials. We particularly welcome pictures of scientists; not only formal portraits but also snapshots of them at work, with colleagues or family, on vacation, and in other social situations.

How to donate

Email: If you are donating just a few images amounting to less than 10 MB per message, then you can e-mail them to photos@aip.org.

FTP: If you’d like to give us a large number of electronic images, e-mail us for directions on how to upload to our FTP server.

By Fed Ex: You can send us materials by using our Federal Express account (please contact us for our account number), and if you wish we can return your originals after we make copies. You can also have copies made at our expense and then mail them to us. In either case we'll be glad to reimburse all expenses of copying and postage.

Digital format requirements: We prefer scans made at a target size of larger than 8x10 inches and at 300dpi.

If your collection is large, we would be glad to discuss means of organizing and selecting pictures to donate. Our normal credit line, which all users of our images must show, is "Courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives.", but the donor can designate additional credit, such as "Photograph by..." or include any additional source or copyright information for the photographs.

If you would like to assist our effort to "give science a human face" with a tax-deductible contribution of visual materials, please contact us for details.

How you can help: