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Physics Legacy Circle

The AIP Center for History of Physics is dedicated to preserving forever the history of physics and allied sciences such as astronomy and geophysics. Surely it will remain an invaluable resource for generations to come. Recognizing the importance of the Center and wanting to take an important step to insure that its work continues beyond their own lifetimes, a number of generous donors have made provisions to include the Center in their wills or other estate plans. The thoughtful planning of these special donors will help insure that we continue our important work to document the efforts and accomplishments of generations of scientists. Become a member today.

Anonymous – in Memory of P. P. Ewald+
Hans A. Bethe+
Marc H. Brodsky
Morrel H. Cohen
Russell J. Donnelly
Frank Kelley & Margaret Russell Edmondson +
Clinton B. Ford+
Roy Garstang+
Gerald Holton
Elmer & Rose Hutchisson+
Mark+ & Lillian McDermott
Melba Phillips+
Herbert S. Polin+
John S. & Diana Rigden
Ralph A. & Frances H. Sawyer+
Emilio & Rosa Segrè+
Frederick Seitz+
John S. Toll
Charles & Edna Tucker +
Spencer R. Weart
John A. Wheeler +
+ signifies deceased

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