Additional reading and links

Unless otherwise noted, the level is appropriate for middle-school students and above.

Web sites

Students and teachers can find a wealth of related materials on the Web. An investigation of what is available may include searches for:

Alsos History of Fission
An excellent scientific review, mainly 1932-1945.

Nuclear Chemistry
The story of the 1938 work, especially the chemical side. Site includes other nuclear chemistry (neutron, plutonium, etc.) and an instructor's guide.

Trinity Nuclear Weapons History
Online archive of documents, mainly from 1945 forward

Los Alamos Lab History

Fission Movie (QuickTime animation)

Federation of American Scientists
Founded by atomic scientists in 1946, the FAS provides a gateway to current nuclear arms issues.

Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues and its items relating to fission
Large annotated list of books, Websites and other materials.

History of Physics Syllabi
Includes reading lists for courses on 20th-century physics and nuclear affairs.

More History of Physics Exhibits
Award-winning exhibits on Einstein, M. Curie, W. Heisenberg, E.O. Lawrence, Andrei Sakharov and other pioneers.

More History of Physics Links from the Center for History of Physics


Many of these are out of print, but your local library may be able to get them through inter-library loan.