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Executive Committee of the American Institute of Physics

Minutes of Meeting

November 22, 1940

I. The Executive Committee met at the call of the Chairman at 3:15 p.m., Friday, November 22, 1940, at the Windermere Hotel, Chicago, Illinois.

Present: Chairman Klopsteg, Messrs. Harrison and Tate, also Mr. Barton, Director of the Institute, Mr. Kelly, Chairman of the Committee on Applied Physics, and Mr. Pegram, Secretary of the Board.

Absent: Messrs. Fletcher, Hardy and Hunter.

II. Minutes of Meeting, February 22, 1940:

The Minutes of the Meeting of February 22, 1940 were presented and approved as manifolded and sent to the members.

III. Motions:

On motion it was voted:

that the Chairman be authorized to appoint associate editors for the journals of the Institute and that the term of office of an associate editor shall normally be three years.

On motion it was voted:

that Mr. G. P. Harnwell be appointed Editor of the Review of Scientific Instruments for a term from October 1, 1940 to December 31, 1941 at an annual salary of $700.00 and with an allowance of $300.00 annually to be spent by him for assistance.

On motion it was voted:

that Mr. J. E. Mayer be appointed Editor of the Journal of Chemical Physics for a term from January 1, 1941 to December 31, 1943 at an annual salary of $1,000.00.

On motion it was voted:

to appoint Mr. H. C. Urey a member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Chemical Physics.

On motion it was voted:

that Mr. Elmer Hutchisson be appointed Editor of the Journal of Applied Physics for a term from January 1, 1941 to December 31, 1943 at an annual salary of $1,800.00.

IV. Grant from Rockefeller Foundation:

Mr. Barton stated that as result of representations made to the Rockefeller Foundation by a letter of October 18, copies of which had been circulated to the members of this Committee, the Rockefeller Foundation had undertaken to give to the Institute of Physics $20,000 on account of the loss in income to the Institute and the Societies brought about by the great decrease in foreign subscriptions for the journals and for the purpose of assisting the Institute and the Societies to adjust their publication program to the present international situation.

After discussion of methods of apportionment of the Rockefeller Foundation aid among the Societies and the Institute it was on motion voted:

that the Director and the Treasurer should, in consultation with the auditor of the Institute, prepare a plan of allocation of the Rockefeller gift for submission to the Governing Board at its next meeting.

(It was the sense of the Committee that the allocation should probably be made on the basis of losses in 1940 and 1941 in comparison with 1939 as a normal year.)

On motion it was voted:

that the Director be asked to address a letter to each Society about the $20,000 gift of the Rockefeller Foundation and its proposed allocation.

On motion it was voted:

that the Executive Committee authorize the following statement of appreciation as drafted by the Director and the Secretary to be sent to the President of the Rockefeller Foundation and entered in the Minutes of this Meeting:

"The American Institute of Physics has for several years been greatly indebted to the Rockefeller Foundation for encouragement and financial assistance in developing a well rounded and normally self-sustaining publication program in the field of physics. A drastic decline in foreign dues and subscription income caused by the war in Europe has now threatened to cancel the gains which have been made. In response to the Institute’s appeal on this account, the Foundation has generously granted the sum of $20,000 to assist that Institute to adjust the publication program to the new circumstances.

Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Executive Committee express for the Institute its full appreciation of this timely and generous assistance and convey to the Rockefeller Foundation an assurance of the gratitude of physicists."

V. Budget Policy for 1941:

Mr. Barton submitted a preview of a possible budget for 1941 in which the surplus of certain departments would appear just to balance the deficit in other departments. No action on this draft of a proposed budget was taken.

VI. Loan from the Research Corporation:

On motion it was voted:

that Mr. Barton should confer with Mr. K. T. Compton about the advisability of approaching the Research Corporation to enquire whether or not the Research Corporation might be willing to make a gift to the Institute of $5,000 by cancelling the indebtedness of the Institute on account of the loan of $5,000 which it accrued two years ago.

VII. Work of the Director on National Defense Committee of Institute:

Mr. Barton stated that as had been arranged with the Executive Committee he had spent considerable time in connection with matters relating to the National Defense Committee of the Institute and the Division of Physical Sciences of the National Research Council, on the roster of physicists and matters of that kind; that his activity on these matters had made it all the more desirable to secure the kind of assistant that had already been authorized.

Mr. Barton stated also that there might be a possibility of having a branch office at the National Research Council in New York. Mr. Kelly offered to talk with Mr. Frank Jewett about the possibility of some payment from the National Defense Research Committee for assistance in the Institute office on account of the time given by Mr. Barton to national defense matters.

VIII. Stimulation of Early Physics Teaching:

There was discussion of some of the possibilities of stimulating physics teaching in high schools.

IX. Joint Meeting of Institute and Societies:

There was some discussion of the joint meeting of the Institute of Physics and the Societies scheduled for October 1941. Mr. K.T. Compton and Mr. Stettinius were suggested as possible speakers on that occasion.

X. Adjournment:

On motion the Committee adjourned at 5:45 p.m.