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Executive Committee of the American Institute of Physics

Minutes of Meeting

March 13, 1942

I. The meeting of the Executive Committee was called by the Chairman to follow the meeting of the Governing Board at 3:20 p.m., March 13, 1942, at the office of the American Institute of Physics Incorporated, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Present: Chairman Klopsteg, Messrs. Hardy, Harrison and Tate, and by invitation, Messrs. Barton and Pegram.

Absent: Messrs. Fletcher and Hunter.

II. The Chairman cited that action of the Board in its meeting just closed directing the Executive Committee to appoint a War Policy Committee for the Institute. General discussion of possible members of this committee was entered upon and as a result of the discussion it was on motion voted:

that the following should be asked to undertake the important task of serving as a committee to direct the policy of the Institute with respect to problems arising from the war, or in short to be a War Policy Committee:

  • Karl T. Compton
  • O. E. Buckley
  • Paul E. Klopsteg, Chairman

The Chairman was requested to ask Mr. Compton and Mr. Buckley to serve on this Committee.

III. On motion it was voted:

that a special appropriation of not more than $1,000 to meet the initial expenses of the work directed by the War Policy Committee be made by the Institute as authorized by the Board in its meeting of March 13, 1942.

IV. On motion the Committee adjourned.