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Samuel A. Goudsmit Papers, 1921-1979

Series IX. Science and Government Security

This series includes notes, correspondence, and other papers concerning security clearance, visa problems, travel restrictions, the McCarthy hearings, and other issues related to the interaction between science and politics. Individuals who are particular foci here are Morris Berg, Joan Hinton, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Lew and Kate Kowarski, and Johannes M. Burgers.

Box Folder  
Box 40 Folder 1a Scientists Committee on Loyalty Problems 1948-1950
Folder 2a Scientists Committee on Loyalty Problems 1948-1950
Folder 3a Scientists Committee on Loyalty Problems 1948-1950
Folder 4a Scientists Committee on Loyalty and Security 1953-1955
Box 41 Folder 5 Scientists Committee on Loyalty and Security (material sent by John Phelps to Goudsmit, the new chair) 1955
Folder 6 Scientists Committee on Security, Inc. 1956
Folder 7 Bulletin of Atomic scientists: special security/loyalty issue 1955
Folder 8 Science and politics: correspondence and clippings 1946-1976
Folder 9 Scientific and military intelligence 1953-1956
Folder 10 M. Cosyns, on germ warfare in Korea, with newsletter of World Council of Peace, Documentation on Bacteriological Warfare 1952
Folder 11 MIT Endicott House Scientists' meeting on state of Soviet science 1956
Folder 12 on Morris Berg 1949-1967
Folder 13 on Joan Hinton (Los Alamos researcher who moved to China) 1949-1978
Folder 14 on J. Robert Oppenheimer 1949-1978
Folder 15 Lew and Kate Kowarski: citizenship problems 1951-1956
Folder 16 Johannes M. Burgers, correspondence on visa problems of former communists 1957
Folder 17 Subversive organizations 1949-1963
Folder 18 Defections to Soviet Union, clippings 1960
Folder 19 Personnel security questionnaires of Goudsmit 1948-1974
Folder 20 Mark Van Doren, test ban treaty petition to President Kennedy: correspondence with Eugene Wigner 1963