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Samuel A. Goudsmit Papers, 1921-1979

Series XIV. Notebooks

This series contains a few student notebooks, research notebooks on specific topics, binders of notes on different topics, and a few very small notebooks with information such as addresses and expenses.

Box Folder  
Box 63 Folder 1 Paul Ehrenfest lectures, 4 notebooks 1920-1923
Folder 2 Paul Ehrenfest lectures, 5 notebooks [1920s]
Folder 3 Paul Ehrenfest lectures, 5 notebooks [1920s]
Folder 4 Enrico Fermi lectures, 2 notebooks, and Hans A. Bethe and Gregory Breit lectures, 1 notebook 1935-1936
Folder 5 George E. Uhlenbeck on condensing vapors undated
Folder 6 Statistics notebook [1930s]
Folder 7 University of Michigan notebook [1930s]
Folder 8 Egyptology notebook 1970s
Folder 9 Theoretical mechanics undated
Box 64 Folder 1 Notebook organized by subject: beacon statistics, 3 particles, S method, identities, non-gaussian- probability, h(n), jj parentage, Kline, statistics (Snyder), two minima problem, games, mortgage 1950s-1970s
Folder 2 Notebook organized by subject: averages, pulse conversion - fourier information, plural scattering, first digit, shot noise, rc noise, simple circuits, generating functions, clumps, covers, fluctuation observation, pulses undated
Folder 3 Notebook organized by subject: mass spectrometer, radial mass spectrometer, wiley mass spectrometer, melting, Keno 1946-1975
Folder 4 Notebook 1960s
Folder 5 Equations notebook undated
Folder 6 Mass spectroscopy laboratory notebook 1948-1952
Folder 7 Time of Flight notebook with photographs [circa 1950]
Folder 8 7 small notebooks including concerning expenses and and citations 1928-1929 and undated