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Samuel A. Goudsmit Papers, 1921-1979

Due to the nature of the materials, this series was not digitized and is the only series not available online.

Series XVI. Audio-Visual Materials

Subseries A. Microfilm
This subseries contains six reels of microfilm of Goudsmit's papers, including three reels of film of his early "Writers' files" from 1951-1968, the originals of which probably no longer exist. Unfortunately these three reels are very difficult to read.
Subseries B. Slides
Contains approximately one hundred slides on various subjects including Alsos related images, American Physical Society editorial staff, and images for Goudsmit's 1976 Max Planck lectures. Many images were identified by Jonothan Logan in 1977 and captions by him accompany the slides.
Subseries C. Negatives, motion picture footage, and a filmstrip
This subseries includes 62 rolls of negatives, a few miscellaneous flat negatives, and some strips of 35mm negatives. Many were not labeled. A few were wrapped in paper with descriptive notes. Copies of those notes are in a folder in the box with the negatives; the notes are numbered and the corresponding numbers are written on the film wrappers. Most of the images are experimental data. Three rolls have non-experimental images such as people and scenery; they are labeled: "Harvard 1941," "Geneva 195?" and "Holland '45 (Alsos)." The strip negatives are Alsos-related images. There is also motion picture footage of Franklin Roosevelt and an unidentified filmstrip.
Subseries D. Photographs
Over 300 photographs, all of which are experimental data. Some are labeled.
Subseries E. Audio tapes
Four miscellaneous tapes.
Subseries F. Lantern slides
Contains 26 3½" x 4" slides. 18 are on mass spectrometer history and include images of charts and equipment. Eight slides are chemical work on mass spectroscopy.
Box Folder  
Subseries A. Microfilm
Box 67 Writer's files 1951-1959
Writer's files 1960-1968
Writer's files (APS editor-in-chief) 1955-1967
Archives for History of Quantum Physics pre-1933 correspondence listing 1921-1933
Correspondence (same as Goudsmit microfilm in NBL) 1933-1941
Miscellaneous: permission requests 1964-1968; APS common publishing policies (Slater, 1955); Condon affair; NSF publishing study proposals, 1956; NSF grant correspondence; Physical Review editors correspondence, 1952-1962; Physical Review history and policy; Nucleonics, 1955-1968 1952-1968
Subseries B. Slides
Slide lists from Jonothan Logan's list.
Note: Slides on his list but no longer present in the collection are not included. Original negatives are at Brookhaven National Laboratory; numbers refer to the Brookhaven identifier. For Logan's complete lists see processing notes.
Alsos Mission
Box 68 Keitel declines (letter)
Program of secret meeting
Budget letter
Thurber cartoon
Gerlach letter - size
Gerlach letter on deferment
Mentzel letter - bragging
RFR envelope
Switch yard diagram
Invitation to secret meeting
Diagram of German pile sphere
Registered letter clue
S. S. letter
Trip ticket
Uranium club organization
Dismantling German piles
Cave entrance to German pile
First experimental bunker
Berlin underground laboratory
German pile sphere
Menu of secret meeting
Atomic Toothpaste
Cube reactor
Map (Gauleiten)
Hahn Capture
Secret research reports 1
Secret research reports 2
Box 68 Berkeley outing, 1925
Physical Review Letters multiple authors
Rejection letter
Woudhuysen viscogram
Hahn table, 1939
Berkeley Cyclotron, 1939
APS membership graph
Histogram, diurnal gap
Histogram, two peaks
Scatter diagram
From P and G
Max Planck Lectures
Box 68 Ro
NNV Philips, Jan. 1924
H levels
Heisenberg letter part 1
Heisenberg letter part 2
Bohr, Einstein
Roof, Copenhagen
Pauli, Copenhagen
Pauli post card
Same as above
Thomas letter
Box 68 1956 editorial secretaries
1972 editorial secretaries
Some of our exhaustive files
Sorting a morning's mail
Phrases and sentences encountered by staff in handling manuscripts
Physical Review Letters production typist at work
Typist positioning Typit key
Complete set of Typit keys (contains Greek alphabet,two sizes, italic and Roman keys for subscripts and superscripts, and miscellaneous keys such as hbar)
The keyboard (used for computer composition and office automation)
Left to Right: two teletypes (models ASR35 and KSR37), computer (Hewlett-Packard 2116A), tape reader (H-P 2748A), keyboard, magnetic tape unite (H-P 2020)
Box 68 Egyptian borders
Seventeen borders
Egyptian designs
Seven borders
Coptic borders
Greek borders
Ardebil mosque
Aztec pattern
Egyptian and Arabic
Point pattern
Mosque parapets
Seven borders
Mexican serapi
Escher patterns
Subseries C. Negatives, motion picture footage, and a filmstrip (box 68)
Subseries D. Photographs (boxes 69-70)
Subseries E. Audio tapes
Box 71 German television show, "Die emigrierte Bomb: Eine Bericht ber die Beteiligung eurpishecr Kernwissenschaftler am Bau der ersten Atombombe." Anniversary of the A-bomb 1970
Enrico Fermi's last dictation
Cooper Union lecture, 2 tapes
Subseries F. Lantern slides (box 72)