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Moving Image Collection

Picture of Floyd A. Firestone splicing commemorative film
Floyd A. Firestone tries splicing the commemorative film which was made of
the occasion of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the
Acoustical Society of America, (ASA) 'Parade of Acoustical Personalities'.

In addition to the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, which is a large still photo collection, the Niels Bohr Library and Archives (NBL&A) has a small collection of film and other moving images.  Some are produced commercially while others are non-commercial or privately produced.  They are all cataloged in our book catalog or in the International Catalog of Sources (ICOS), and these two may be searched jointly by using the “browse” option.  Moving images from the NBL&A are for educational use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

Use and Copyright

Film and video is available for loan.  We cannot reproduce or authorize reproduction of commercially produced material, but we are generally able to reproduce segments of non-commercial or archival film for non-commercial purposes. These materials are made up of donations received from various sources including scientists, their families and colleagues, and institutions. Many of the archival films and videos may be protected by copyright not owned by AIP. In cases where AIP does not hold copyright, responsibility for clearing copyright for publication or educational use remains with the user. We will provide any information that we may have on copyright.

For more information regarding copyright and permission, please contact us.

Service fee

A service fee of up to $200.00 for the use of moving images must be paid in addition to duplication costs (see fee schedule below). This is a service fee, not a license in the legal sense. We assess the fee to help cover the cost of preserving the collection according to archival standards.

Upon payment of the fee, permission is granted for non-exclusive, one-time use of NBL’s copy of the film or video. Again, however, copyright permission must be obtained by the user.  One-time use is defined as any manifestation of the current project. Users must reapply for use for future editions or projects.

For individual use in a publication, production, thesis or public lecture, not receiving reimbursement, royalties, or payment from a publisher or producer

no fee

For individual use in a publication, production, thesis or public lecture receiving royalties or payment


For use in a for-profit publication or production (educational only)


Duplication fee

The NBL&A maintains service agreements with local professional vendors for duplication and transfer of film and video. Vendor fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, depending on format, length of the segment, condition of the film or videotape, and project specifications. We can obtain a cost estimate within several days of your request.

Processing fee

Production costs are paid to the vendor performing the work. We assess this fee to cover the staff time needed to negotiate with the vendor and prepare the materials for shipment.

Duplication cost up to $500

The patron is responsible for production cost to the vendor, plus $25.00 processing fee to NBL

Duplication cost over $500 The patron is responsible for production cost to the vendor, plus $50.00 processing fee to NBL


FedEx shipping per order (U.S.) $ 25.00

FedEx shipping per order (International)


Additional postage fees may be assessed for large orders.