AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXIII, No. 2, Fall 2001


Documentation Digitized

This is a list of finding aids digitized and posted on the Physics History Finding Aids Web site (see article in this Newsletter, Physics History Finding Aids Web Site Reaches Milestone). All may be searched together at the site, Links to each of the individual finding aids listed may be found here.

American Institute of Physics

American Association of Physics Teachers. David L. Webster Records, 1930-1958

American Astronomical Society Records, 1895-1988

American Institute of Physics. Office of the Director. Henry A. Barton Records, 1931-1964

American Institute of Physics. Office of the Director. Elmer Hutchisson Records, 1948-1966 (bulk 1957-1964)

American Physical Society Records, 1899-1987

Léon Brillouin Papers, 1877-1972

Karl Kelchner Darrow Papers, 1872-1978

Homer Levi Dodge Papers, 1852-1994 (bulk 1910-1960)

Samuel A. Goudsmit Papers, 1921-1979

J. Barton Hoag Papers, 1914-1963 (bulk 1917-1962)

International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics Records, 1922-2000 (bulk 1955-1998)

Lew Kowarski Papers, 1907-1981 (bulk 1930-1981)

William F. Meggers Papers, 1917-1966

Thomas Corwin Mendenhall Papers, 1869-1951

Nancy Grace Roman Papers, 1931-1993 (bulk 1950-1980)

Brian Schwartz Papers, 1966-1977

J. H. Van Vleck Papers, 1853-1981 (bulk 1920-1980)

California Institute of Technology

John A. Anderson Papers, 1914-1951

Caltech Synchrotron Laboratory Records, 1949-1970

Max Delbrück Papers, 1906-1981

Lee A. DuBridge Papers, 1932-1986

Paul Sophus Epstein Papers, 1911-1966

Richard Phillips Feynman Papers, 1933-1988

William A. Fowler Papers, 1917-1994

Jesse L. Greenstein Papers, 1923-1992

George E. Hale Papers, 1882-1938

Charles Christian Lauritsen Papers, 1927-1977 (bulk 1946-1973)

Thomas Lauritsen Papers, 1922-1974

Robert B. Leighton Papers, 1938-1988

Robert Andrews Millikan Papers, 1847-1953

Owens Valley Radio Observatory Records, 1956-1967

Clair C. Patterson Papers, 1937-1995

Charles F. Richter Papers, 1913-1984

Richard Chace Tolman Papers, 1735-1958

Theodore von Kármán Papers, 1871-1963

Robert L. Walker Papers, 1937-1994


Harvard University

Percy Williams Bridgman Papers, 1905-1982

Harvey Brooks Papers, 1930s-1980s

Cambridge Electron Accelerator Records, 1952-1974

Annie Jump Cannon Papers, 1863-1978

Leo Goldberg Papers, 1933-1987

Frederick V. Hunt Papers, 1927-1970

Edwin Crawford Kemble Papers, 1913-1983

George B. Kistiakowsky Papers, ca. 1928-1982 (inclusive)

Donald Howard Menzel Papers, 1931-1986 (inclusive)

Anthony Oettinger Papers, 1955-1973 (inclusive)

Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory Records, 1940-1972 (inclusive)

Radio Research Laboratory Records, 1942-1946

Stanley Smith Stevens Papers, 1931-1973 (inclusive)

Underwater Sound Laboratory Records, 1941-1949

Library of Congress

Vannevar Bush Papers, 1901-1974 (bulk 1932-1955)

J. Robert Oppenheimer Papers, 1921-1980 (bulk 1947-1967)

I. I. Rabi Papers, 1899-1989 (bulk 1945-1968)

John Von Neumann Papers, 1912-1993 (bulk 1935-1957)

Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Francis Bitter Papers, 1925-1967

Jule Gregory Charney Papers, 1936-1981

Bernard Taub Feld Papers, 1943-1990

High Voltage Engineering Corporation Records, 1933-1969

Albert Gordon Hill Papers, 1943-1981

International Polymode Program Records, 1973-1981

Mid-Ocean Dynamics Experiment Records, 1970-1976

Philip McCord Morse Papers, 1927-1980

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Office of the President. Records, 1930-1959

Robert Jemison Van de Graaff Papers, 1928-1948

Norbert Wiener Papers, 1898-1966

Northwestern University

Robert J. Cashman Papers, 1906-1988

Henry Crew Papers, 1833-1975

Paul E. Klopsteg Papers, 1905-1991

Rice University

William V. Houston Papers, 1925-1968 (bulk 1941-1968)

F. Curtis Michel Papers, 1951-1981 (bulk 1963-1974)

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Sydney Chapman Papers, 1860-1972

University of Chicago

Samuel King Allison Papers, 1920-1965 (inclusive)

Association of Cambridge Scientists Records, 1945-1946 (inclusive)

Association of Los Alamos Scientists Records, 1945-1948 (inclusive)

Association of Oak Ridge Engineers and Scientists Records, 1945-1952 (inclusive)

Association of Pasadena Scientists Records, 1945-1946 (inclusive)

Association of Scientists for Atomic Education Records, 1945-1948 (inclusive)

Atomic Scientists Miscellaneous Records, 1945-1964 (inclusive)

Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists Records, 1946-1952 (inclusive)

Henry Gordon Gale Papers, 1889- 1948 (inclusive)

Michael Polanyi Papers, 1900-1975 (inclusive)

Joseph H. Rush Papers, 1945-1948 (inclusive)

University of Chicago Innominates / X-Club Records, 1917-1982 (inclusive)

University of Chicago Presidents' Records, 1889-1925 (inclusive)

University of Chicago Tuesday Club Records, 1943-1988 (inclusive)

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Argonne Universities Association Archives Records, 1945-1982

Peter Axel Papers, 1933-1983

John Bardeen Papers, 1910-1991

Sidney A. Bowhill Papers, 1942-1985

Ladislas Goldstein Papers, 1947-1972

P. Gerald Kruger Papers, 1937-1970

F. Wheeler Loomis Papers, 1920-1976

Eugene Rabinowitch Papers, 1924-1973

Frederick Seitz Papers, 1935-1965

Joseph T. Tykociner Papers, 1877-1969

Albert Wattenberg Papers, 1941-1996

University of Iowa

Mission Engineering Records, 1962-1980

Project Manager Mission Records, 1963-1984

University of Iowa. Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. James Van Allen. Records, 1951-1987

James A. Van Allen Papers, 1938-1990

University of Texas-Austin

Maurice Ewing Papers, 1912, 1925-1974

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