AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXIV , No. 2, Fall 2002


New Way for Center to Accept Gifts of Appreciated Mutual Funds

A donor has recently inaugurated a new type of donation to the Friends of the Center. One of the donor's mutual fund accounts had appreciated over the years. Rather than bear the tax burden of cashing out, the donor decided to perform charitable acts with shares of this fund, and is now using it to provide annual gifts to various organizations. The donor urged the Center to set up a special account to accept gifts of mutual funds. The American Institute of Physics agreed and created a new account to accept gifts of appreciated mutual funds in a manner similar to that of stocks. With the account now activated, the donor has recently inaugurated the `Mutual Funds for Friends' donation. This differs from programs offered by many financial institutions to manage accounts for charitable gifts. A donor may now take a `hands-on' approach, with certain restrictions, to initiate and make a donation using many common mutual funds from a wide variety of financial institutions. If you are interested in learning more about this type of donation, please contact our Development Office at 301-209-3006.

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