AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXVI , No. 2, Fall 2004


Finding Aids Available Online

We have learned of several finding aids, with detailed descriptions of archival collections, that have recently been made available online.

New postings: The Albert Einstein Archives at the Jewish National & University Library, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Einstein Papers Project at the California Institute of Technology have collaborated to electronically publish a finding aid for the Albert Einstein papers. New information on five collections from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are available electronically. They are: a student notebook of Thomas Glaskins, 1830-1831; a letter by Albert Einstein; the Papers of John Joseph Montgomery, 1885-1947; the Lewis E. Percival Papers, 1903-1925; and the Henry W. Barrow Papers, 1871-1872. Princeton University has one new finding aid available: the David T. Wilkinson Papers, 1957-2002 (bulk 1961-2001). The AIP Center for History of Physics has posted a finding aid for the records of AIP's Study of Multi-Institutional Collaborations.

The International Catalog of Sources (ICOS) provides links to many more online finding aids of collections in physics and allied fields, at (see article, this Newsletter). Researchers should be aware that the Niels Bohr Library also has hundreds of printed finding aids to collections around the world that are not currently accessible online. Reference staff can provide finding aid photocopies or research specific reference questions.

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