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Volume XXXVI , No. 2, Fall 2004


Friends of the Center for History of Physics

In the history of scientific development the personal aspects of the process are usually omitted or played down to emphasize that the thing discovered is independent of the discoverer and that the result can be checked. But, as Einstein has pointed out, scientific concepts are "created in the minds of men," and in some way the nonprofessional aspects of life and mind are inevitably related to the professional.

— Melba Phillips

It will all be lost when I'm gone...

This sums up the sentiment of most of the physicists interviewed for the Physicists in Industry Project. Most companies don't preserve the working papers of their scientists, and these are all too often lost when the physicist retires. The Center hopes to build an endowment to fund oral history interviews and provide expertise to save this important part of our legacy. Please contact the American Institute of Physics Development Office (301-209-3006) or the Center at to help endow this significant gap in our programs.

Friends of the Center for History of Physics
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