AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXVII , No. 2, Fall 2005


History that Matters Campaign

While the American Institute of Physics has and will continue to generously provide for much of the Center's daily expenses, the nature of the Center's important archival work requires a long-term plan to maintain adequate funds to continue its operations indefinitely. Additionally, the Center's challenges keep multiplying, and it must increase both the scope and intensity of its activities to meet them. That requires strong financial resources. With these factors in mind, the Development Committee of the Friends of the Center inaugurated a Campaign to raise awareness of the Center and its endowment needs. To fully endow the Center, we will need over $40 million. As a first step in that direction, the "History That Matters" campaign will raise $3 million to endow certain important programs, adding to the over $7.5 million already in the endowment fund. Several Friends of the Center and foundations have already generously responded to this call for help, and we have successfully raised more than 85% of our goal of $3 million. We ask you to help us raise the remaining $400,000 in this year. A letter and brochure has been recently mailed to the Friends of the Center and other interested parties. If you would like to help encourage further gifts to the Center by setting up a challenge grant, or would like to pledge a multi-year gift, or make a contribution now, please call 301-209-3006 or e-mail the Center at

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