AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXVII , No. 2, Fall 2005


NSF Funding for Science Studies Reorganized

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Science and Technology Studies (STS) Program and the NSF Societal Dimensions of Engineering, Science, and Technology (SDEST) Program no longer exist under those titles. The new, consolidated program title is Science and Society (S&S), which can be found on the NSF Website at In the text box, type "Science and Society" (without the quotes) and then select "--SBE/SES: Social & Economic Science" from the drop-down menu. Then click on the "Search" button.

The new program includes the following components: Ethics and Values in Science, Engineering, and Technology (EVS); History and Philosophy of Science, Engineering, and Technology (HPS); Social Studies of Science, Engineering, and Technology (SSS); and Studies of Policy, Science, Engineering, and Technology (SPS). The annual target dates for proposals are February 1 and August 1.

For information on EVS and SPS, contact Priscilla Regan at

For information on HPS and SSS, contact Ron Rainger at

For information on dissertation research support, contact John Perhonis at

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