AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXVII , No. 2, Fall 2005


New Websites in the History of Physics and Allied Fields

We periodically comb the web for resources in history of physics and allied fields. Our newest finds have been listed here, and also added to our extensive list at If you would like to suggest a link, please let us know!

Antique Spectacles and Other Vision Aids

Breaking Through: A Century of Physics at Berkeley: 1868-1968

The Online Archive of California

Oaister - (Open Archive harvester)

Frank Oppenheimer

There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom - An Invitation to Enter a New Field of Physics, by Richard P. Feynman

Richard Feynman: The Douglas Robb Memorial Lecture (video)

Quantum Physics Online (simulated experiments and demonstrations)

Transistor Museum

Transistor History

CIRES History (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences University of Colorado at Boulder)

History of Physics at Oxford

Nuclear Medicine

National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

History of CalTech

Raymond Davis Solar Neutrino Experiments with historical press releases and video

Interview with John N. Bahcall

A Neutrino Timeline

History of detection efforts for gravity waves

Rutgers Cyclotron History photo tour

History of the RIKEN cyclotron

Who Was Ernest O. Lawrence?

History of GE Cyclotron unit

World Year of Physics 2005 from Europe

World Year of Physics 2005 from the U.S.

Franklin Tercentenary for 2006

The Trial of Galileo

Early electric, magnetic & related medical instruments at the Bakken Museum

Early Vacuum Technology

Robert Boyle

A History of physics (ancient to 19th century) from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Newton's Bucket and other topics in history of mathematical physics from St. Andrews

Physics instruments (mostly 19th century) in the schools & University of Sassari, Sardinia

19th Century Physics from VictorianWeb

Osborne Reynolds (as in the number)

Timeline of Nobel Prize Winners

Linus Pauling and the Nature of the Chemical Bond

History of Radiation Geophysics

History of Stanford Physics dept.

History of the Acoustical Society of America

Images of physicists on postage stamps

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