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Volume XXXVIII , No. 2, Fall 2006


Giving Back to the Physics Community

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“Prizewinners of the AIP member societies have benefited manifestly from their association with physics, and should be grateful for the opportunity to give something back,” declared Charlie Duke, winner of the American Physical Society’s Pake Prize in 2006. Charlie
donated his prize money to the Center for History of Physics to “put my money where my mouth is.”

Charlie received this prize “For groundbreaking theoretical contributions to the understanding of tunneling in solids, and inelastic scattering of low-energy electrons in solids, and for his outstanding contributions to Xerox Corporate Research both as an intellectual and research manager.” The Center and the American Institute of Physics (AIP) extend hearty congratulations and a very big thank you to Charlie for his generosity and foresight in helping preserve the history of physics.

Early this year Charlie retired from the position of Vice President and Senior Research Fellow in the Xerox Innovation Group. Prior to holding this position, he was Deputy Director and Chief Scientist of the Pacific Northwest Division of the Battelle Memorial Institute and Affiliate Professor of Physics at the University of Washington. He has recently been named a Research Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Rochester. During his illustrious career, Charlie has been active in leadership roles with several different science and technical societies, including the AVS, American Physical Society, Materials Research Society, and AIP itself.

Charlie, a recent member of the Friends of the Center for History of Physics Development Committee, urges all who have an interest in the preservation and dissemination of science history to give generously to the Center. He notes that “Physics is fun, a great career option, and has contributed mightily to the economic and defense strength of the US. The Center has the vital mission of collecting and preserving archival records of the men and women who made these contributions, and of disseminating this information as an inspiration to the next generation of scientists.”

Charlie joins a small but illustrious group of prominent scientists who have given part or all of their prize money from major awards in recent years.

Prize and Award Monies Donated to the Center

Recipient Name of Prize
Charles B. Duke 2006 American Physical Society Pake Prize
Mildred S. Dresselhaus 2005 Heinz Award, Technology, the Economy and Employment

Allan R. Sandage
2000 Peter Gruber Foundation Prize for Cosmology
Robert L. Gluckstern 1998 U.S. Particle Accelerator
School Prize for Research

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