AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXIX , No. 2, Fall 2007

Will Thomas Joins the AIP History Center

Will ThomasWill Thomas has joined the AIP Center for History of Physics for a three-year term as Associate Historian. Thomas received his PhD in the History of Science from Harvard University this June after completing his dissertation, “A Veteran Science: Operations Research and Anglo-American Scientific Cultures, 1940-1960.” At Harvard, he revived his department’s History of Physical Sciences Working Group, and was a teaching assistant for “The History of American Capitalism” and “The Einsteinian Revolution.” He was a history major and physics minor as an undergraduate at Northwestern University, where he also worked as an assistant in a nuclear magenetic resonance lab.

Thomas replaces our previous postdoc, Babak Ashrafi, who moved on to an important position in Philadephia (see the article “Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science Launches Cooperative Programs”).

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