2009 Book Donations

The Niels Bohr Library & Archives received a large amount of book donations in 2009. Not only were we able to add new titles to our collection, we were also able to add to existing series. We accessioned over 30 books from a donation by Nancy Eisele from the library of her husband, John A. Eisele. Donald Fitts gave us a generous donation of books in the area of chemical physics. Ruth Freitag donated a number of books on astronomy and astrophysics. We also received books from the library of Thomas C. Hall from his widow Mary Hall. Charles Misner donated books from his library and Alan Chodos of the American Physical Society donated a copy of Ettore Majorana: Unpublished Research Notes on Theoretical Physics. Argonne Research Library sent us a very large donation that added volumes to our collection of Handbuchs der Physik and Goucher Library also donated a volume of the Handbuch. David Cassidy, Samuel Derman, Randolph Reeder, and Gary Boyd all gave generous book donations. Thomas Lassman and Arjun Saxena both gave us copies of their recently published books.

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Other books donated by their authors this year included:

  • Amir D. Aczel, Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery in Physics (2002).
  • Lawrence Badash, A Nuclear Winter’s Tale: Science and Politics in the 1980s (2009).
  • Klaus Henschel, coeditor with Dan Greenberger & Friedel Weinert, Compendium of Quantum Physics. Concepts, Experiments, History and Philosophy (2009).
  • John R. Huizenga, Five Decades of Research in Nuclear Science (2009).
  • Mel Month, Dreams and Shadows: An Inside Story of Science (2009).
  • Sally Newcomb, The World in a Crucible: Laboratory Practice and Geological Theory at the Beginning of Geology (2009).
  • Judy A. Rumerman, NASA Historical Data Book, Volume VII, NASA Launch Systems, Space Transportation, Human Spaceflight, and Space Science, 1989–1998 (2009).

Books Wish List

One excellent way to promote the work of the Niels Bohr Library & Archives and the History Center is to designate a donation toward the purchase of a specific book or books. In each newsletter, we will be listing a dozen books of special importance that would add significantly to the value of our collections. All you need to do is indicate your wish and we will be glad to place a donation name plate at the front of the book thanking you for your support.

1. R. Shankar, Principles of Quantum Mechanics, 3rd ed., 2008. Winner of the 2009 Lilienfeld Prize. $104.

2. Carla Rita Palmerino and J.M.M.H. Thijssen (Eds.), The Reception of Galilean Science of Motion in Seventeenth Century Europe, Series: Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science , Vol. 239, 2004. $159.

3. E.C. Banks, Ernst Mach’s World Elements: A Study in Natural Philosophy, Series: The Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science, Vol. 68. 2004, X, 227 p., Hardcover. ISBN: 978-1-4020-1662-2. $127.

4. I.H. Stamhuis, T. Koetsier, C. De Pater, and A. Van Helden (Eds.), The Changing Image of the Sciences, 2002. $104.

5. Xiang Chen, Instrumental Traditions and Theories of Light: The Uses of Instruments in the Optical Revolution, 2000, Series: Science and Philosophy, Vol. 9. $117.

6. Fulvio Melia, Cracking the Einstein Code: Relativity and the Birth of Black Hole Physics, With an Afterword by Roy Kerr, 2009, $25.00

7. John North, Cosmos: An Illustrated History of Astronomy and Cosmology, 2008. $95.00.

8. Richard Staley, Einstein’s Generation: The Origins of the Relativity Revolution, 2008. $98.00.

9. Dirk van Delft, Freezing Physics: Heike Kamerlingh Onnes and the Quest for Cold, 2008, Series: Edita - History of Science and Scholarship in the Netherlands, $78.00.

10. Iwan Rhys Morus, When Physics Became King, 2005, $60.

11. Kristian Camilleri, Heisenberg and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: The Physicist as Philosopher, 2009. $81.

12. Kameshwar C. Wali, Satyendra Nath Bose His Life and Times: Selected Works (with Commentary), 2009. $86.25.

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