Emilio Segrè Visual Archives

Over 17,000 images are now available online at http://photos.aip.org, which is almost two thirds of the collection. We are nearing completion of a project to process and integrate a large group of negatives into the collection. Jenneke and Joan Barton, daughters of AIP’s first president, Henry Barton, donated several dozen images of their father and others. Beverly Spicer donated over 300 negatives taken of John Wheeler at his office in Austin, TX and at his summer home at High Island, Maine in 1984. David Cassidy donated nearly 50 images relating to the publication of various Projects Physics Courses. Herbert Mataré donated over 100 images taken during the 1950s of his company, the German firm Intermetall. We also thank the following additional donors for contributing images this past year: Sharin Elkholy (University of Houston), Charles J. Peterson, Donald Clayton (Clemson University), Robert Resnick, and Carl Pittman.

At our request, 2008 Nobel Laureates Toshihide Maskawa and Makato Kobayashi donated photos of themselves. We also received images of the new AIP Member Society Presidents, Whitlow W.L. Au, Thomas M. Baer, Alexander K. Dickison, Mark Hamilton, Cherry A. Murray, and Robert Von Dreele.

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