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Albert Aardal (1887-1951) taught physics at Concordia College, Iowa State College, and Wartburg College. William Wehrmacher recently donated this photo and biographical material in memory of the "great teacher" who helped inspire his career in physics. Amid the famous names and prize-winning discoveries usually featured in the history of science, it is good to pause and commemorate such instructors, indispensable for the life of the profession.

"If you wish to learn from the theoretical physicist anything about the methods which he uses, I would give you the following piece of advice: Don't listen to his words, examine his achievements. For to the discoverer in that field, the constructions of his imagination appear so necessary and so natural that he is apt to treat them not as the creations of his thoughts but as given realities." -Albert Einstein

Karl K. Darrow, (1891-1982), a technical writer for the Bell Telephone Laboratories, for many years helped guide the American Physical Society as its secretary. The Niels Bohr Library has completed processing of the Darrow Papers (20 lin. ft., 1872-1978) donated by his widow. Notable are personal correspondence and diaries running from boyhood to old age, written with inimitable grace and ironic wit.

From left: E. Schrödinger, M. Born and K. Lonsdale with Irish President and scholar Douglas Hyde (in chair); at right P.P. Ewald and Irish Prime Minister E. De Valera. Gift of Rose Bethe.

"To understand a science it is necessary to know its history" -Auguste Comte

A stereoscopic slide of a crystal structure, from a set of slides pocketed in Paul Groth's Elemente der Physikalischen und Chemischen Krystallographie (1921). This is among a number of books from the library of P.P. Ewald donated to the Niels Bohr Library by his daughter, Rose Bethe.

Yokes for the 200-inch telescope, manufactured by the Westinghouse Co., just before they were loaded on a freighter for shipment to California and the Mt. Palomar Observatory. The yokes are 11 feet in diameter. From a set of Westinghouse photos and press releases recently donated to the Niels Bohr Library.

Stanislaw M. Ulam (1909-1984) in his Los Almos study in the late 1940s. One of a number of photos donated by Françoise Ulam.

"Our twenty-first century is going to be drenched with the fresh images and sounds of past ages, and our virtual reality will be our whole human past - what, after all, is there left that is more interesting to explore?... A contemporary cliche holds that we should pay attention to the future because that is where we shall spend the rest of our lives. It would perhaps be more accurate to say that we should pay attention to the past, and for the same reason." -Frederick Turner

Alvin M. Weinberg lecturing to a class at the Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology. Among a set of photos received from NARA.

James Franck (1882-1964). From a set of photos received from NARA.

Linus Pauling (1908-1994) picketing the White House in protest against the U.S. resumption of atmospheric nuclear tests, 1962.

"Science has always been a fragile, limited, network-building activity. Who can best defend it against the rest of the world? Those who make it spiritual and lofty or those who elucidate the material and social conditions that enable it to grow and expand? Those who do not list the social and monetary cost, or those who are aware of it?" -Bruno Latour

Bill Glen (at right) with paleontologist and stratigrapher Jan Smit of the Free University of Amsterdam, on a 1995 field trip to the famous site near Gubbio, Italy, where a thin stratum of high iridium content may record the cause of the mass extinction 65 million years ago that killed off three-quarters of all ocean species and the dinosaurs. Interviews with Smit are among the most important of those that Glen recently deposited in the Niels Bohr Library.

Norman Ramsey (1915- ) as a child attending a Washington's Birthday Party at the U.S. Embassy - Paris (1920). From a set of photos he recently donated.

Norman Ramsey (1915- ) at Muroc Dry Lake, California in 1944. From a set of photos he recently donated.

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