Albert Ghiorso (left) and Liya Sokhina, veterans of the Soviet and American weapons projects, meeting at the Dubna Symposium. Sokhina works at the "Maiak" Corporation, the former Cheliabinsk-40, and Ghiorso, of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Chicago. Sokhina was one of those who risked their lives to produce plutonium for the first Soviet atomic bomb (exploded Aug. 29, 1949). Ghiorso was responsible for discovering plutonium in the residues and therby proving (in his report of May 29, 1950) that the bomb in question was a plutonium device. This discovery was of enormous importance 46 years ago, but what seems more important today is that the meeting of these two veterans may indicate the beginning of a really comprehensive historical understanding of the Atomic Age. Photo by I. Drovenikov.

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