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At left: Hans Dehmelt; Center: Albert Ghiorso (left) and Liya Sokhina, veterans of the Soviet and American Weapons Projects, meeting at the Dubna Symposium; At right: CHP Staff with the Archivist of the United States, John Carlin, second left.

"It was reading some history of science for the first time that radicalized (Thomas) Kuhn. The little history that he knew as a young physicist was the sort of whiggish history that makes all early science zero in on the present. When he read a little real history, he discovered that it was not at all what he had been led to expect from his training as a scientist." -- David L. Hull

At left: The reading room of the Niels Bohr Library; Center: Vera Rubin measuring spectra; and at far right with K. Rudnicki.

"History of science...increases the appreciation of what we possess now, when we recognize the difficulties it cost to acquire it. --R. Hooykaas

At left: From left to right, Jim Lloyd, Keith Johnstone, Henry Street and David Weigand; Center: Frontispiece from Alexander A. Friedmann: The Man Who Made the Universe Expand; At right: From Life and Letters of James David Forbes.

"The only truly new knowledge we ever get is scientific knowledge, which is the sum of all the facts that have ever surprised human beings by turning out to be different from what was expected: the whole point of experiment and observation is to see something nobody has seen before in the past. Only by devoting itself to the past, to what has already happened and thus cannot be revised according to our wishes, does science come to know new things. -- Frederick Turner

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