AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXVIII, No. 2, Fall 1996


Physics Today Photo Collection

We are always looking for ways to expand the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives and were pleased to find treasure in our own backyard. AIP's general-interest Physics Today has a wide variety of photographs collected as article illustrations. Once used, these photos have mostly remained hidden in the journal's files. With the cooperation of the Physics Today staff we are incorporating older photographs into the Visual Archives as a permanent resource readily accessible to researchers.

Library Assistant Jenny Underwood has been pulling from the files items that are at least ten years old and have no restrictions on use. The photographs are placed in chemically stable polyethylene envelopes to ensure longer life, and filed by name so they may be quickly found for researchers. For the most interesting or fragile photos we will make preservation negatives, with the aid of the endowment fund established for such work by Rosa Segrè. Altogether we will add over 2,000 photos to our collection. For more information on the Visual Archives, call (301) 209-3184, e-mail, or visit the World Wide Web site (with sample photographs) at /history/esva.

Below left: Dennis Gabor, winner of the Nobel Prize for the invention of holography, next to his holographic portrait. Courtesy McDonnell Douglas Corporation. At right: P.A.M. Dirac and Werner Heisenberg. Courtesy Niels Bohr Institute.

At left: James Dewar lecturing at the Royal Institution in London, 1904. Courtesy the Royal Institution.

Above left: William P. Allis (standing with Henry Hurwitz, Jr. at a 1960 plasma physics seminar. Photo by Jacqueline. At right: MYSTERY PHOTO. Richard Feynman explaining a physics point to someone-can anyone identify the man on the left? Photo provided by Clarice Schwinger.

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