AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXVIII, No. 2, Fall 1996


Recent Acquisitions of the Niels Bohr Library

Book Collection

The Niels Bohr Library relies on the generous donation of books by many individuals and institutions to continue to increase the value of its collection for researchers. In the past year we received books from a large number of people. Of special note were several hundred books on crystallography and other topics from the collection of P.P. Ewald, donated by his daughter Rose Bethe, and several hundred classic physics texts and reference works donated by the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Nancy Eisele donated several hundred books from the collection of her husband John Eisele, and Ivan P. Kaminow donated eight boxes of books. Also donating a number of books were Kenneth T. Bainbridge, Stephen G. Brush, Tatiana Divens, Catherine and Jack Gleason, Melba Phillips (6 books by science writer James Crowther), Glenn T. Seaborg, and G. Daniel Zally. The Stanford University library helped us fill some gaps in our collection of the Handbuch der Physik, and John Rigden donated several volumes from the Harvard Project Physics program.

For donation of single books we thank Donald D. Clayton, Dieter Hoffman, Wolfgang Kerber, Jost Lemmerich, David Stern, and Roger W. Sudbury (on behalf of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory).


Donations from scientists, their families, and others are what make the Emilio SegrŠ Visual Archives collection unique. We would like to thank the following people from whom we've received photos recently: Marc Brodsky, Donald D. Clayton, Bill Cleveland, Tatiana Divens, Rod Grant, Dieter Hoffman, Charles Holbrow, Jane Ising, J. Laurence Kulp, Laurence Lippsett, Mrs. Bernard Peters, Barrie Ripin, and David P. Stern.

The Archives staff also works to actively collect photographs. In March, letters were sent to those people who have been awarded the National Medal of Science for work in physics and allied sciences such as astronomy and geophysics. This request was met with a warm response and has resulted so far in the addition of over 150 new photographs to the collection. We are grateful to everyone who responded.

There is also gold in our own backyard, which we are now able to exploit thanks to funds donated by Friends of the Center. With this help we have hired staff to look through frontispieces of biographies and other books in the Niels Bohr Library's book collection; these have proved to be a rich source of photographs, lithographs, and drawings. Some of the most interesting of these have been photocopied onto acid-free paper and added to the collection.

Oral History Interviews

Oral History interviews not previously reported include: interviews on nuclear physics in Ukraine conducted by Yuri Ranyuk with Vladimir Tolok, Alexander Bakai, Boris Lasarev, Alexander Akhiezer, and Dmitrij Volkov. Interviews relating to the study of global warming were conducted by Center Director Spencer Weart with James Anderson, Harmon Craig, and Gilbert Plass. Daniel Martin conducted an interview with Robert Young.

The Center provided transcription services for a set of interviews conducted by Katherine Sopka for the Harvard University Physics Department in the late 1970's with Edward Purcell, Roy Glauber, Norman Ramsey, Sheldon Glashow, Wendall Furry (2 sessions), J.H. Van Vleck, and E.C. Kemble. The Center also acquired, through exchange, a number of interview transcripts from the California Institute of Technology, conducted by various interviewers with Carl Anderson, William Fowler, Jessie Greenstein, J. Beverley Oke, Frank Oppenheimer, and Charles Richter. We acquired one interview from the Regional Oral History Office of the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley, conducted by Sarah Sharp with Roger R.D. Revelle.

Manuscript materials

The Library received a large collection of Roy Garstang's lecture notebooks from mathematics courses taken at Cambridge University, 1943-1945 and 1948-1951, 33 notebooks; Garstang also donated two manuals (instructors guide and student lab manual) for the Sommers-Bausch Observatory (University of Colorado, Boulder), General Astronomy Projects. From Alice Dodge Wallace we received substantial additions to the papers of Homer Levi Dodge, 1887-1983. Physicist (electrical measurements) and educator. Head of physics department at University of Oklahoma, Director of Oklahoma Research Institute, and first president of the AAPT. Additions include correspondence, reports, notebooks. Ca. 1940s-1980s. 9 boxes, ca. 16 lin. ft. Additions to the Gravity Research Foundation essay collection (the 1996 submissions to the GRF annual essay contest) were received from George Rideout Jr., 1996, 0.5 lin. ft.

AIP and Member Society records accessioned include additions to the records of the AIP Office of the Secretary, 1956-1988, 1 lin. ft; records of the Secretary/Treasurer of the American Physical Society Forum/Division on History of Physics, 1988-1995, 1 lin. ft. (received from David Cassidy); additions to the records of the Secretary of the American Astronomical Society's Historical Astronomy Division, 1988-1993. 0.5 lin. ft. (received from David DeVorkin); and Optical Society of America records concerning relations with AIP, 1944-1955, 1 lin. ft. (received from John O'Niel). We also received a small set of publications relating to the Society of Rheology, 1925-1942, 0.5 lin. ft. (from Paul Kinney via K.F. Wissbrun).

Miscellaneous items of interest received over the last year include William Primak's account of work at Argonne National Laboratory, 1986, 7 pp.; a report by J. D. Lawson on "Synchrotron Design in the UK" (1945-1950), 1994, 23 pp.; Stephen Brush's correspondence with Ralph Alpher and Robert Herman in connection with Brush's article on the history of the Big Bang, 1991-1995. 32 pp.; William Carter's personal recollections of the "Development of the Hydrogen Bomb", 1995, 5 pp.; and a report by Masao Atoji on the International Conference on Magnetism and Crystallography, Kyoto, including information on visits to research institutes and universities in Japan, 1961, 44 pp. Richard Rhodes donated several documents: a copy of the report by the M.A.U.D. Committee on the use of uranium for a bomb, 1941, 22 pp.; Richard Rhodes's correspondence with William Arnold concerning Otto Frisch and the naming of nuclear fission, 1981, 11 pp.; an account by Eugene Booth of early work on fission, 1974-1985, 24 pp.; and memoranda between Nishina and a Japanese army general concerning the Japanese atomic-research program, 1943, 20 pp.

Manuscript Biographies and Institutional Histories

Autobiographical material was received on R. Bruce Lindsay and Rachel Tupper Lindsay concerning their time spent in Denmark (1922-23) during R. Bruce Lindsay's fellowship at the Bohr Institute, 1950s, 50 pp; an appendix to the intellectual autobiography of R. Bruce Lindsay was also given to the Library, 104 pp. (both from Evelyn Lindsay Roberts). A biographical scrapbook concerning Arthur Adel, 1973-1994, was received from Catherine Adel. Other accessions include a manuscript autobiography by Philipp Lenard, 123 pp, (transcribed from typescript material found on microfilm at the Office of History of Science and Technology, University of California, Berkeley); a booklet by Alexander Zink concerning his experiences working at the University of Virginia, 1995, 83 pp.; and, from Dennis Patton, 2 transcripts, one of his interview with Wilhelm Hanle, 1989, 3 pp., and one of Hanle's additional reminiscences, 1990, 3 pp. (both concern Philipp Lenard).

Unpublished or otherwise difficult to find materials on institutional history added to our collection this year include: an account of physics at the University of Turin, 1993, 10 pp., by Vittoria de Alfaro; a description of the Adler Planetariam and Astronomical Museum of Chicago, 1933, 61 pp., received from Richard Hanau; Frank Cole's article on the Midwestern Universities Research Association (MURA), 1994, 45 pp.; a history of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Dept. of Physics (1876-1996), 1996, 1 vol., by Albert Bartlett and Jack Kraushaar; articles on the State Optical Institutes in Leningrad (1941-1945), 1995, 25 pp. (by R. N. Ivanova), and St. Petersburg, 1994, 29 pp. (by M. M. Miroshnikov); an account of the "Past and Present of the Russian Physical Society" by Vitaly V. Mikhailin, 5 pp.; and a short description of the Eastern Pennsylvania Section (Physics Club of Philadelphia) of the American Association of Physics Teachers, 1965, 3 pp., received from Leonard Muldawer.

Audio-Visual Materials

In film and video, we received 28 videotapes of Elliot Montroll's physics lecture series at Wayne State University, 1974 (from Paul H. E. Meijer); 25 video tapes from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine of the series "Vignettes of Early Radiation Workers" moderated by Lauriston S. Taylor, 1977; 1 videotape of the U.S. Air Force Geophysics Directorate 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1995; and 1 videotape of the documentary "Half Lives," 1996 from Carolyn Jourdan of the Nuclear Waste Documentary Project. In addition, we received, from the American Civil Liberties Union, a 16 mm. film "A Conversation with J. Robert Oppenheimer," 1955 (from the CBS series "See It Now").

We continue to add to our collection of audio tape recordings of meetings and symposiums. From Michael Cutler we received tapes and proceedings of the Ninth Goddard Symposium, Washington D.C., concerning international cooperation in space, 1971, 19 tapes. Other recordings include The William Fowler Memorial Session at the joint meeting of The American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers, May 1996, 2 tapes; and the Plenary and Awards session, including the Ives Medal Address by Robert Boynton, from the annual meeting of the Optical Society of America, September, 1995, 3 tapes.

Finding Aids

As usual, we added several finding aids and inventories to our existing collection which documents archival collections around the world. We received finding aids to two collections in Great Britain: the Guy Steward Callendar Papers located at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, and two volumes of a four volume catalog of Lisa Meitner's Papers at the Churchill College Archives Centre. From Sweden we received a finding aid to the papers of Ivar Waller at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. We received a substantial finding aid to the papers of William Maurice Ewing at the University of Texas, Center for American History, and finding aids to the papers of J. M. Burgers at the University of Maryland Archives and the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; Jean Felix Piccard at the University of Minnesota, University Archives; John Von Neumann at the Library of Congress; Clarence Zener at The Carnegie Mellon University Archives; and Allyn Collins Vine at The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

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