AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXIX, No. 2, Fall 1997


Documentation Preserved: Report from the International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Science

Compiled by Caroline Moseley

This is our regular survey of archives and other repositories giving information on materials of interest to historians and others. Many of these are new deposits not yet processed, but we also include collections that were accessioned years ago but not previously reported here. Some have restricted access. Please contact the repository for further information. All material in this column, as well as additional information for which there was not space here, is included in the AIP Center's International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences, part of which is available online through the Research Libraries Information Network and all of which will be accessible soon through our Website.

Niels Bohr Institutet. Niels Bohr Archiv Copenhagen, Denmark (Contact: Finn Aaserud)

Addition to scientific correspondence of Niels Henrik David Bohr, 1885-1962. Physicist (atomic physics, quantum theory, nuclear physics), philosopher of science and administrator. Bohr's Scientific Correspondence not previously microfilmed (the microfilms are available at repositories of the Archives for the History of Quantum Physics). Includes letters in the original collection not microfilmed because of access restrictions: letters donated by the Bohr family as well as Bohr's scientific correspondence originally placed in other collections, such as the Bohr General Correspondence and the Bohr Private Correspondence. The topics include the development of quantum and nuclear physics and reflect Bohr's wide interests, including epistemology, philosophy and human affairs. Correspondents include: Hans Bethe, Patrick Blackett, Max Born, D. Coster, Charles G. Darwin, Max Delbrück, Paul Dirac, Paul Ehrenfest, Albert Einstein, Paul Epstein, Enrico Fermi, Adriaan Fokker, Ralph H. Fowler, Werner Heisenberg, Georg von Hevesy, Harald Høffding, J. C. J. Jacobsen, Irène Joliot-Curie, P. Jordan, Fritz Kalckar, Edwin Kemble, Oskar Klein, Hendrik Kramers, Ralph Kronig, Rudolf Ladenburg, Irving Langmuir, N. O. Lassen, Thomas Lauritsen, Hendrik Lorentz, Ernest Marsden, O. Meyerhof, Albert Michelson, H. A. Miers, Henry Moseley, Nevill Mott, Carl Oseen, Wolfgang Pauli, Rudolf Peierls, Max Planck, E. Rasmussen, Owen Richardson, Léon Rosenfeld, S. Rosseland, A. W. Rubinowicz, Ernest Rutherford, John Slater, Arnold Sommerfeld, Otto Stern, Edward Teller, B. L. van der Waerden, S. Weber, Victor Weisskopf, John Wheeler, and E. J. Williams. Donated to the Niels Bohr Archive in 1984. 1910-1962. 5 boxes.

Manuscripts submitted to Niels Henrik David Bohr by other scientists. Contributors include: Hans Bethe, Felix Bloch, Max Born, Dirk Coster, Charles G. Darwin, Max Delbrück, Paul Dirac, Walter Elsasser, Enrico Fermi, James Franck, George Gamow, Werner Heisenberg, Georg von Hevesy, Harald Høffding, P. Jordan, Oskar Klein, Hendrik Kramers, Ralph Kronig, Lev Landau, Alfred Landé, Irving Langmuir. N. O. Lassen, Max von Laue, Thomas Lauritsen, Wolfgang Pauli, R. Platzman, E. Rasmussen, Léon Rosenfeld, Ernest Rutherford, Erwin Schrödinger, John Slater, Arnold Sommerfeld, Edward Teller, Emil Warburg, Victor Wiesskopf, and E. J. Williams. Donated to the Niels Bohr Archive in 1984. 1910-1961. 17 boxes.

Addition to papers of Georg von Hevesy, 1885-1966. Chemist (radioactivity, isotope separation). Associate at Københavns Universitet Institut for Teoretisk Fysik (1920-1926, 1934-1943); on the physical chemistry faculty at Universität Freiburg im Breisgau (1926-1935) and associate at the Institute for Research in Organic Chemistry from 1943. Correspondence with Hans von Euler about their experiments on induced cancer; correspondence with Charles Huggins (restricted); papers on the discovery and application of hafnium (e.g. Auer Gesellschaft, Philips, Metropolitan-Vickers); newspaper cuttings, honors and prizes; old bills; proofs for "Radioactive Indicators" and "Lehrbuch der Radioaktivität;" box of Hevesy's notebooks from earlier times as well as from Hilde Levi's experiments in the 1930s; various scientific notes, e.g., for Hevesy's autobiography and his history of the discovery of hafnium. Donated to the Niels Bohr Archive in 1986. 1910-1966. 13 boxes.

California Institute of Technology. Institute Archives. 1201 East California Blvd. (Mail Code 015A-74), Pasadena, CA 91125, USA (Contact: Judith Goldstein, Archivist)

Oral history interviews with Harrison Brown, 1917-1986, geochemist, and Clair C. Patterson 1922-1995, professor of geochemistry at Caltech.

Papers of Samuel Epstein, 1919-. Geochemist, California Institute of Technology. 7.5 lin. ft.

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace. Archives. Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, USA (Contact: Carol A. Leadenham, Assistant Archivist)

Papers of James Richard Curtiss, 1953-. Member, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1988-1993. Memoranda and reports relating to nuclear power plants in the United States, including issues of licensing, safety, and waste management. 1981-1993. Closed to researchers.

Papers of Fred Charles Iklé. Director, United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1973-1977; under secretary of defense for policy, 1981-1988. Speeches and writings, correspondence, memoranda, reports, testimony, schedules, appointment books, telephone logs, and printed matter relating to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks and other arms control issues; the 1980 presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan; and American defense policy during the presidential administrations of Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, and Ronald Reagan. 1972-1988.

Papers of Robert H. Kupperman, 1935-. Assistant director, United States Office of Emergency Preparedness, 1967-1973; deputy assistant director, 1973-1975, and chief scientist, 1975-1979, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; executive director, Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1979-1983. Speeches and writings, correspondence, studies, reports, memoranda, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to American national security and defense policy, theory of nuclear and other deterrence-strategy, arms control, and especially to terrorism. 1965-1995.

Video tape, The Nuclear Age. Interview transcripts of Soviet political and military officials, relating to the nuclear arms race and Soviet-American relations. Used as research material for the television documentary series produced by station WGBH in Boston, and for the companion book by John Newhouse, War and Peace in the Nuclear Age (New York, 1988).

Lowell Observatory. 1400 West Mars Road, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001, USA (Contact: Martin Hecht, Archivist) (Researchers wishing to use the collections of the Lowell Observatory should make an appointment in advance.)

Addition to papers of Carl Otto Lampland, 1873-1951. Astronomer. Includes scientific correspondence and manuscripts. 1902-1951.

Papers of Michael Putnam. Trustee, Lowell Observatory. Letters to and from Putnam relating to the work of the observatory while he was Trustee. 1967-1987.

Addition to papers of Roger Lowell Putnam, 1893-. American businessman, 1893-1972. Trustee, Lowell Observatory. Flagstaff, Arizona. The additions include letters and manuscripts covering essentially the same time frame as the original deposit (1927-1967), with a few letters up until the time of his death in 1972. 1927-1972.

Papers of William Lowell Putnam. Current trustee of Lowell Observatory. Includes correspondence and manuscripts. Collection incomplete; additions expected.

University of California, Berkeley. The Bancroft Library. Berkeley, CA 94720-6000, USA (Contact: Peter Hanff or William Roberts)

Records of the Seismological Society of America. Correspondence and related papers, mostly to and from the secretary Sidney D. Townley and Perry Byerley; includes some Townley material in his capacity as editor of the Society's Bulletin and his involvement with Stanford University's Branner Seismological Station. Collection stored off-site; advance notice required for use. Ca. 1911-1973. 3 cartons.

University of Missouri-Columbia. Western Historical Manuscript Collection. 23 Ellis Library, Columbia, MO 65201, USA (Contact: Penelope Krusch, Archivist)

Additions to records for the University of Missouri. Dept. of Physics. Consists of records relating to departmental administration, research, and instruction. Also included are papers of faculty members Eugene Hensley, Horace Danner, and Newell Gingrich, and information on the construction of the physics building on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. 14.5 lin. ft.

University of Virginia. Alderman Library. Special Collections/Manuscripts. Charlottesville, VA 22903-2494, USA (Contact: Michael Plunkett, University Archivist)

Astronomical workbook of Emmor Roberts, 1831-1908. Workbook made by Roberts while attending Benjamin Hallowell's school at Alexandria, VA. The workbook contains diagrams of four lunar eclipses, four solar eclipses, and two transits of Mercury. 1849. 1 volume.

Washington University. Libraries. University Archives. Campus Box 1061, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899, USA (Contact: Carole Prietto, University Archivist)

Addition to papers of Dan I. Bolef, 1921-. Advisory physicist at Westinghouse Research Laboratories, 1953- 1963; professor of physics, Washington University, 1963-1983; professor emeritus, 1983-. The papers are related to Bolef's involvement in social issues, especially nuclear power, nuclear disarmament, and Cold War and science and technology in the military. Also contains books, reprints, speeches, and government publications. Additions not yet available to the public. 30 boxes.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Archives. Mail Stop 8, Woods Hole, MA 02543-1539, USA (Contact: Margot Brown Garrett, Archivist)

Papers of Robert Hugh Cole, 1913-. Professor of physics at Brown University, 1947-. He first became associated with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 1941 when he became a research supervisor in the Underwater Explosives Research Lab (AERIAL), where he worked with Paul Fye, James S. Coles, and others. The materials include correspondence, publications, awards and certificates, news clippings, visual materials, photograph album, reports, lecture notes, telegrams, a guest book and memorabilia. Most of Cole's papers consist of correspondence files with information on his fellowships, lectures, and conferences. There is some personal correspondence from Cole to his wife; a report written by Cole on the "All Soviet Union Conference on Physics Dielectrics" held in Moscow in 1958; and a memorial by Cole in honor of his brother, Kenneth Cole. Several files contain photographs and negatives relative to Cole's work at WHOI on underground explosives. 1935-1993. 1.25 lin. ft.

Papers of James Stacy Coles, 1913-. Chemist (physical chemistry). Chemistry professor at City College of New York, 1936-1941, and Middlebury College, VA, 1941-1943. In 1943 he joined Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, working with Paul Fye and others to improve the underwater ignition and explosive power of depth charges, depth bombs, and torpedo warheads. In 1946 he joined the chemistry faculty at Brown University and in 1952 he became the President of Bowdoin College. From 1967-1982 he was chief executive of the Research Corporation, a private foundation devoted to the advancement of science and technology through the support of basic research by individuals and non-profit organizations. The material includes correspondence, reports, photographs, patents, publications, university lecture notes, and his dissertation. Most of the papers relate to Cole's research with the Underwater Explosives Research Laboratory (AERIAL) at WHOI. There is correspondence with WHOI directors Paul Fye and John Steele relating to Cole's presidency of WHOI's Associate Program, and his involvement with various committees of the WHOI Board of Trustees. The materials contain his undergraduate lecture notes and reports and Ph.D. dissertation from Columbia University. 1936-1993.

Records of G. M. Purdy, 1948-. Geophysicist. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: postdoctoral scholar, 1974-1975; assistant scientist, 1975-1979; associate scientist, 1979-1987; senior scientist, 1987-1995; and chairman of the Geology and Geophysics Department, 1991-1995. Purdy resigned from his positions at WHOI in 1995 to work as director of the Ocean Science Division at the National Science Foundation. The material contains Purdy's scientific working notes and files and geology and geophysics departmental records. There are proposals, drafts, reports, photographs, cruise reports, data, notes and graphs. The departmental material contains information on Purdy's involvement in various national and international projects, committees, and workshops. There is multi-channel seismic workshop information, materials relating to a joint project on equatorial fracture zone by Purdy and S. C. Solomon from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Joint Oceanographic Institutions (JOI) proposal for developing a Downhole Measurements program, and material on Guest Investigator Professor Joe Cann concerning his collaboration, teaching and lectures during 1986; information on the hydrothermal vent program with materials and reports by Joe Cann; and WHOI Friends of Vents meetings. 1976-1994.

Records of Derek W. Spencer, 1934-. Geologist and geochemist. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: associate scientist, 1965-1971; senior scientist in the Dept. of Chemistry, 1971-1974; chairman of Dept. of Chemistry, 1974-1978; associate director of research, 1978-1987; and associate director of interdepartmental research, 1987-1989. The material comprises correspondence, proposals, surveys, conference reports, personnel information and guides. Spencer's records document the administrative, financial, and supervisory aspects of his career at WHOI. The bulk of the material is correspondence, primarily of an interoffice nature, detailing the development and sources of funding in both government and industry as well as the private sector and the research interests of the scientific departments. There are proposals for grants, feasibility studies, and correspondence recording actions taken by the members of the Development Committee. Other files document his participation as an advisor to the National Center for Atmospheric Research and his role as chairman of the Ocean Industry Program (OIP). The OIP files contain materials which predate Spencer's role as chairman, and as such, document the history of the program. Files on Sediment Trap Intercomparison Experiment (STIE) and Geochemical Ocean Sections Study (GEOSECS) also detail WHOI's involvement in these conferences and programs. 1972-1989. 3 record cartons.

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