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Volume XXIX, No. 2, Fall 1997


Recent acquisitions of the Niels Bohr Library

Book Collection

To continue increasing the usefulness of the collection for researchers, the Niels Bohr Library relies on generous donations of books by many individuals and institutions. Some donors give their own writings, but most give books they have used but no longer need--it is indeed the policy of the Library to preserve works that normally are thrown out (because "only a historian would find them useful"). In the past year we again received books from a large number of people. Of special note were several hundred physics books from the Allen L. King collection and over 80 books on medical physics and imaging from Stephen Balter. We received from Roy L. Bishop a very nice copy of Zeeman's Researches in Magneto-Optics inscribed by E. Rutherford. Also donating a number of books were Nicolaas Bloembergen, Stephen G. Brush, Tatiana Divens, Rod G. Kerr, Karl von Meyenn , Matthew W. Slate, David P. Stern and Pasquale Tucci. Donations from institutions include books donated by Darwin H. Stapelton at The Rockefeller Archive Center and by Lockheed Martin Technology Information Resource Center. For donation of single books we thank Andrew Brown, Deborah Day, Samuel Derman, Alex Harvey, Gordon P. Riblet, George Snow, Cornelius Tobias and Scott Walter.


Donations from scientists, their families, and others are what make the Emilio SegrŠ Visual Archives unique. We warmly thank the following people from whom we've received photos recently: Roy Bishop, Wallace Broecker, Allan Bromley, Donald D. Clayton, Lawrence A. Crum, I. Drovenikov, Ed Edelsack, Ronald Edge, Gladys Fuller, German Goncharov, Isabella Karle, Toichiro Kinoshita, John A. Knauss, D.M. Lee, Doug Osheroff, Kuman Patel, Gilbert N. Plass, R.C. Richardson, Fred Rothwarf, Vera Rubin, Harry Schecter, J. Robert Schrieffer, Glenn T. Seaborg, Surendia Singh, Stephen R. Thomas, Harry Tunis, Robert L. Walker, Edward Witten, and Tatiana Yudovina.

We have also been working to locate photographs received among collections of manuscript materials and add them to the visual archives. As manuscript collections are processed, interesting photographs are removed and replaced with photocopies on acid-free paper. The actual photographs are then added to the visual archives. Recently we added about eighty photos from the papers of Homer Levi Dodge, 1887-1983, physicist and the first president of the AAPT.

Other Audio-Visual Materials

The Center purchased videotapes of the Gamow Symposium held at George Washington University which includes speakers: Ralph Alpher, Hans Bethe, Robert Herman, Alex Rich, Vera Cooper Rubin, Roger Stuewer, and Robert Wilson. Frank Edmondson donated two videotapes: a memorial of Daniel Kirkwood taped during the centennial of the dedication of Kirkwood Hall at Indiana University, 1995, and a home video (by W. A. Hiltner) of Nick Mayall discussing the acquisition and development of the Cerro Tololo Observatory by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy. Edgar Edelsack donated several videotapes including excerpts from a Georgetown University summer school course on the science and technology of superconductivity, (1971), 3 videotapes; lectures by Vitali Ginzburg (1992, 1 videocassette) and Edward Teller (1987, 1 videocassette) on high temperature superconductivity; excerpts from a symposium on applied superconductivity sponsored by the Naval Research Laboratory, 1986, 3 videotapes. In addition we received, from Princeton University's Department of Physics, a video tape (with audio tape copy) of a lecture given at Princeton University by Vitali Ginzburg on Lev Landau, 1997. We also received copies of two videotapes on the history of electric bikes from Frank Jamerson.

We continue to make regular additions to our collection of audio tape recordings of lectures, meetings, and symposiums. We received recordings of the Heineman Prize Lecture "Shocking Supernova Tales" by Roger A. Chevalier at the American Astronomical Society January 1997 meeting; a session on the 50th Anniversary of the Transistor including talks by Frederick Seitz, Ian Ross, Michael Riordan, and Jack Kilby, at the March 1997 meeting of the American Physical Society; the Heinz Barschall Memorial session with speakers Allan Bromley, Robert Adair, Sam Austin, Jay C. Davis, Ruth H. Howes, Harry Lustig, and Robert G. Sachs, The Electron Centennial session with speakers Joseph Mulligan, Gordon Squires, Max Dresden, and George Wise, and a panel discussion on Women in Physics: An International Perspective, including a memorial to Chien-Shung Wu by Noemie Benczer-Koller, all at the April 1997 joint American Physical Society/American Association of Physics Teachers meeting.

Oral History Interviews

The Center has acquired a number of interviews since our last update. Some interviews are available right now for researchers while others are still being processed. The Center continued to provide transcription services for interviews conducted by Katherine Sopka in the late 1970s for the Harvard University Physics Department. Those interviewed include: K.T. Bainbridge, Richard Wilson, Harry Mimno, Arthur Jaffe, and J.C. Street. As part of the Columbia University/AIP Lamont Doherty Earth Observation Project, Ron Doel has conducted interviews with Neil Opdyke and Lynn Sykes; as part of a joint Scripps/AIP project, an interview was conducted with Walter H. Munk; and as part of an effort to interview prominent geophysicists, an interview was conducted with Carl Benson.

Grants-in-aid funded by the Endowment Fund of the Friends of the Center for History of Physics are an important means of sponsoring interviews by historians who already have strong interest and knowledge in a given subject. Grant-in-aid recipient Anne Fitzpatrick conducted interviews with Robert Richtmyer and Robert Serber; David Howe conducted an interview with Lady Jeffreys; and with partial support from a grant-in-aid, Kent Staley conducted 22 interviews with the physicists involved with the Collider Detector at Fermilab.

The Niels Bohr Library also solicits copies of interviews conducted for other projects, sometimes helping with costs of transcription, copying, etc. We acquired an interview from the Regional Oral History Office of the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley, conducted by Ann Lage and Graham Hale with August Helmholz. Gennady Gorelik conducted interviews (in Russian) with Akiva Iaglom and Leon Bell. Gianni Battimelli and Daan Frenkel conducted an interview with Berni Alder. Paul Edwards conducted interviews with Cecil Leith and Akio Arakawa. An interview conducted by Martin Harwit with Ralph Alpher and Robert Herman, formerly sealed, is now available to researchers.

Interviewing for the project on Multi-Institutional Collaborations (see past issues of this Newsletter) is now nearly completed. In the current and final phase, which studies a variety of fields ranging from medical physics through synchrotron light solid state physics to radio astronomy, 105 interviews were conducted by AIP Center staff. While the interviews focus on a structured set of questions dealing with the sociology of large collaborations, most include significant historical information as well.

Manuscript Materials

The library received additions to the Gravity Research Foundation collection of annual essay contest submissions from Joseph Scanio and George Rideout Jr., 1997, 0.5 lin. ft.; from Alice Dodge Wallace, additions to the papers of Homer Dodge (including photographs), 1910-1990s, 4 lin. ft.; records of the International Working Seminar on the Role of History of Physics which took place at MIT in 1970, from Allen L. King; and editorial records of the Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, from the Planetary Science Institute, 1988-1994.

Completing a roundup of AIP's own records conducted in connection with AIP's move from New York City to Maryland, records accessioned over the last year include: additions to the records of the AIP Office of the Director from Ken Ford's tenure, 1989-1992, 4 lin. ft., and also records from assistant to the director Bo Hammer, 1993-1995, 2 lin ft.; court transcripts of the trial "Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, S.A. etc. vs. American Institute of Physics, et al.," June 1997, 8 transcripts (dealing with AIP's right to publish a comparative analysis of costs and effectiveness of physics journals); additions to records of the AIP Publishing Division, including records from John Scott (on Chinese translation journals), 1980-1992, records concerning Russian translation Journals, 1980-1991, 2 inches, and records on the 1983 AIP Publishing Policy Committee, 1 inch.

Member Society records were added for the American Astronomical Society, Historical Astronomy Division (additions to records) from David DeVorkin, 1995-1996, 1 lin ft.; we also had a microfilm copy made of the American Astronomical Society minute books, 1897-1962, 1 reel; and records of the American Association of Physics Teachers, Office of the Secretary (Alfred Romer) were received from Reuben Alley, 1960s, 2.5 lin ft.

Other small collections or items of interest received by the Library over the last year were: material on the APS committee for the Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics (received from Charles Misner) 1992-1996, 1 inch; a manuscript by Xiang-dong Jiang, "A Matter for Discovery of Colored Quarks" describing Yao-yang Liu's contribution to this discovery, 1997, 8 pp; correspondence regarding the National Bureau of Standards directorship from H. William Koch, 1975, 0.25 inch; materials (mostly reprints) on the history of nuclear magnetic resonance, by Norman Ramsey, 1983-1993, 1 inch; a paper by Heikki Collan and Matti Vouri "About the Recent Research on Helium" with additional notes from Heikki Collan, 1974 and 1996, 18 pp.; copies of three U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Project Sunshine reports from Nicole de Messiere Spurney, 1953-1956, 1.5 inches; and, from P. E. Lilley, two reports translated from Japanese by the U.S. Armed Services Technical Information Agency: "Imperfect Gases" by Taro Kihara, 1948, 122 pp, and "Condensation Phenomena" by Yoshi Muti, 1949, 206 pp.

Manuscript Biographies and Institutional Histories

Autobiographical material was donated to the Library by V.V. Ovsiankin on Peter Petrovich Feofilov (in Russian), 1996, 4 pp.; and on Enrique Gaviola by Veronica Grunfeld, 1989, 12 pp. Biographical reminiscences were deposited by S. Fred Singer, 1996, 7 pp. and Yakov Albert, 1992, 145 pp. We are also receiving a number of substantial autobiographical accounts as a result of the combined History Center/American Geophysical Union History of Geophysics Survey including responses from K. O. Emery, Kenneth L. Hunkins, Norman A. Phillips, and a biography of Leroy Alldredge compiled by his daughter Carol Alldredge Beebe.

For our Institutional History Collection, we received an account of the beginnings of the American Physical Society, Division of Particles and Fields, by R. G. Sachs, 1996, 25 pp; and a U.S. Air Force, Geophysics Directorate (Hanscom Air Force Base) report by Ruth Prelowski Liebowitz "Air Force Geophysics 1945-1995: Contributions to Defense and to the Nation," 1997, 72 pp.

Finding Aids

We regularly seek out finding aids and inventories, documenting archival collections around the world, as a supplement to the International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences. This year we received finding aids to the Gerhard Herzberg papers in the Manuscripts Division of the National Archives of Canada and the papers of Eduardo Amaldi and Marcello Conversi at the Universit… di Roma "La Sapienza," Dipartimento di Fisica. From U.S. repositories we received finding aids to the Edward Mason papers at Brown University Archives; additions to the Albert A. Michelson papers at the U.S. Naval Academy, Nimitz Library; the John Bardeen papers at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University Archives; the Henry Margenau papers at Yale University, Manuscripts and Archives; and the papers of Robert Hugh Cole, James Stacy Coles, G. M. Purdy, and Derek W. Spencer, all at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Archives.

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