AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXX, No. 2, Fall 1998


AIP History Center Awards Grants to Three Archives

In late 1997 the AIP History Center instituted a new program of Grants to Archives to help make accessible records and papers which document the history of modern physics and allied fields (such as astronomy, geophysics, and optics). The recipients of the 1998 Awards are: the CalTech Archives to process the papers of William A. Fowler; the University of California, Irvine Archives to process the papers of Frederick Reines; and the Archives of the Russian Academy of Sciences to process the papers of Anatoly Aleksandrov, Yakov Zel'dovich, V.V. Shuleykin and other scientists.

We received grant applications from seventeen archives in the U.S. and Europe, and the uniformly high quality of the proposals confirmed our impression that there is a serious shortage of funds to make accessible even the most important papers and records of modern science. While the History Center hopes to offer Grants to Archives again next year, the money available, provided by income from the Endowment Fund of the Friends of the Center, is limited to $30,000. We plan to explore other sources to support processing, and we encourage others to work with us to identify funds for organizing and preserving the documentary record of modern physics and allied fields.

For information on the Center's grants, check our Website (/history/grntann.htm). We will announce the guidelines for the 1999 Grants to Archives by November 15, 1998 on the Website and will send notices to appropriate newsletters and listservs.

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