Mystery photo of Physics Professors at Johns Hopkins University, 1943-1944. Robert Resnick provided this and was able to help us identify many of those pictured. From left, seated in front: Robert W. Wood, Gerhard Dicke, August Hermann Pfund, ? Hubbard, and Richard T. Cox. The three women standing are: Mrs. Crosswhite, Ellen Swomley, and the third person has tentively been identified as Mrs. Rowe. Standing in the third row from left to right: the first two gentleman are unidentified, third from the left stands Hank Crosswhite, followed by Lew Drummeter, Al Stewart, Tom Donahue, Bill Benesch, Calvin Class, Bob Henry (face partially blocked), Robert Resnick, and Wilbur Peters. Standing in the rear, second from the left is Dusty Rhodes and second from the right, Stanley Hanna. The remaining three men are unidentified. Can you help us identify the rest?

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