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At left: Emilio Segrè in 1931; Center: Photo taken outside the Copenhagen Polytechnic Institute in 1920, with Niels Bohr standing on the left; At right: Gregor and Anny Wentzel with Hideki Yukawa in 1953.

Science is intimately integrated with the whole social structure and cultural tradition. They mutually support one another--only in certain types of society can science flourish, and conversely without a continuous and healthy development and application of science such a society cannot function properly. --Talcott Parsons

At left: A caricature of Harry C. Kelly by Hoishi Tamiya, 1947; Center: David Bohm in 1949; At right: The Cockcroft-Walton accelerator at the Cavendish Laboratory, 1932.

Because of the sheer bulk and complexity of contemporary science, it is obviously not possible now to restore [an integrated humanist education] in its traditional form, but it would be possible, by means of the philosophical history of science, to restore a more educated and realistic perception of ourselves as cultural beings, and to present a true identity of the natural sciences within the whole complex history of European culture and its relation to the other cultures and civilizations sharing human history. --A.C. Crombie

At left: Apparatus to display optically how the vibration of a tuning fork makes waves in a pan of water; At right: Mystery photo of Physics Professors at Johns Hopkins University, 1943-1944.

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