AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXX, No. 2, Fall 1998


Recent Acquisitions of the Niels Bohr Library


We recently received many excellent photos from the estate of Emilio and Rosa Segrè, an addition to the considerable collection already in hand. Our set of photos of the Segrès has thus increased dramatically. Also included were many photos of other important physicists from the 1920's to the 1980's, for example Feynman, Heisenberg, Meitner and Weinberg. We will be putting the best of these up on our Website soon. For examples see p. 14-15. Before her untimely death, Rosa was able to identify many of the people and attached this information to the photos, easing the task of cataloging.

Donations from scientists, their families and others are what make the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives uniquely useful. We regularly request portraits from scientists identified as significant by prizes or surveys, and nearly all respond generously. Photos also come from historians and others. We warmly thank the following people from whom we've received photos during the past year: Jean-Pierre Adloff, Marcus Båth, Michael Berry, Roy L. Bishop, Andrew P. Brown, Reid Bryson, Kenneth G. Budden, David Cassidy, Steven Chu, Jon Clardy, James H. Cliborn, Penelope Codding, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Lawrence Cranberg, David DeVorkin, Igor Drovenikov, Naoshi Fukushima, Robert D. Gehrz, Roger Gendrin, William E. Gordon, Kurt Gottfried, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Lee Hamilton, William J. Horvath, Carl Kisslinger, Alexei Kojevnikov, Ronald G. Larson, Gary E. McGuire, Rudolf O. Meissner, Lettie Multhauf, Thomas L. O'Kuma, Norman Phillips, William D. Phillips, George L. Pickard, Maureen A. Rafferty, Karl Rawer, Hugh T. Richards, Barrie Ripin, Juan D. Roederer, Lawrence M. Rothenberg, David P. Ruelle, Roland W. Schmitt, Fred Seitz, Andrew Sessler, Donat G. Wentzel, Maria Meyer Wentzel, James E. West, Kurt F. Wissbrun, Jerry M. Woodall, Warren S. Wooster, and Tatiana Yudovina.

Oral History Interviews

Once again a large number of interviews have been acquired by the Center. Some of the interviews are available right now for researchers, others are still being processed. (For videotaped interviews see the section on Audiovisual Materials below.) Our most important recent oral history was conducted by Kenneth Ford, whose extensive interview with John Wheeler was part of the material gathered for Wheeler's autobiography. Others interviewed in conjunction with the autobiography include: Bryce DeWitt, Cecile DeWitt-Morette, Thomas Griffy, David Hull, Willis Lamb, Carson Mark, Warner Miller, Charles Misner, David Sharp, Lawrence Shepley, Theodore Taylor, Kip Thorne, and John Toll.

As part of the AIP/Columbia-Lamont Doherty Earth Observation Oral History Project, Ron Doel conducted several additional interviews with: Thomas Aitken, William deBary (interviewed jointly by Doel and Mike Sfraga), Gordon Eaton (also with Mike Sfraga), Arnold Finck, Robert "Sam" Gerard, Gordon Hamilton, Stanley Harrison, Feenan Jennings, J. Laurence Kulp, Edward Lamont, Sally Nafe, C. Barry Raleigh, and Henry Walter, Jr. Also as part of this project, an interview was conducted with Gleb Udintsev by Linn Visson.

AIP's Post-doctoral Historian, Alexei Kojevnikov, conducted an interview with former AIP CEO Kenneth Ford. Other interviews conducted by Kojevnikov include Melba Phillips and Russian scientist Igor Dzyaloshinski (in Russian). An interview was conducted by Richard Peppin, Chair of the American Acoustical Society's Technical Committee on Noise, with Per V. Bruel. Paul Edwards conducted an interview with Syukuro Manabe. Also donated was a radio interview, conducted with Sheldon Glashow by Dorian Devins for the radio show, "The Green Room".

As part of a program to document the history of the American Astronomical Society, David DeVorkin interviewed William Baum, Peter Boyce, Laurence Fredrick, Arlo Landolt, and Vera Rubin. In addition, with the aid of one of the Center's grants-in-aid DeVorkin interviewed the following astronomers during the International Astronomical Union meeting in Japan: Yoshio Fujita, Bambang Hidayet, Masatoshi Koshiba, Yoshihide Kozai, Shigeru Nakayama, Jorge Sahade, and Yoichiro Suzuki.

Interviews conducted with the support of grants-in-aid, funded by the Endowment Fund of the Friends of the Center for History of Physics, include: Michael Goldhaber, Robert March, and Charles Schwartz conducted by Patrick Catt; and Jon Peterson, Carl Romney, and Harry Sonneman conducted by Kai-Henrik Barth. Informal interviews, conducted by Barth but not transcribed, include Charles Archambeau, Jack Evernden, Robert Frosch, Bryan Isacks, Carl Kisslinger, Jack Oliver, Louis Pakiser, and Jack Ruina.

Book Collection

The Niels Bohr Library, although the world's most comprehensive in its field, is far from complete and relies on the individuals and institutions who donate old books. The Library is particularly grateful this year for a donation of several hundred of Elliot W. Montroll's books given by his son, Mark Montroll. In the past year we were also happy to receive significant donations from the following people and institutions: Igor Drovenikov, Boelie Elzen, Guy T. Emery, Eamon Harper, Alice Eve Kennington, Charles D. King, Edward R. Landa, Alex Magoun, Eugenie V. Mielczarek, Boris Mogilevsky, Karl Rawer, Ze'ev Rosenkranz, Robert Resnick, John Rigden, Ronald S. Rivlin, David P. Stern, Enid and Doris Wilson, and the Department of Physics at St. Lawrence University.

Manuscript Materials

Recent acquisitions in the archives include a selection of Harvard Project Physics Teachers' Resource Books, including some experimental versions, from John Rigden, 4 lin. ft.; Course notes and poetry of Dean Richards while an electrical engineering student at the University of Missouri (1902-1904), donated by Hugh T. Richards, 1902-1930s, 0.5 lin. ft.; papers, photographs, and reprints of Vitaly Ginzburg while he was a guest scientist at NIST in 1992, from Alan F. Clark, 0.5 lin. ft.; further additions to the Homer Dodge papers from Alice Dodge Wallace, 1910-1990s, 5.25 lin. ft.

The AIP Publications Division sent some additions to the records of Hugh Wolfe on the standards of metric practice, 1970-1978, 1.0 lin. ft. Among member societies, the American Vacuum Society contributed a first installment of their records, 1953-1977, 11 lin. ft. Several member societies sent additions to their records, including the American Astronomical Society, minute books, scrapbooks, constitutions, and publications, 1890-1988, 3.0 lin. ft.; records of the Society of Rheology, 4.0 lin. ft., 1958-1997; the American Physical Society Forum on History of Physics collection, 1994-1997, 0.5 lin. ft. from David Cassidy.

Accessions of small collections included: The Proceedings of the ECFA-RAL Topical Meeting, "The Challenge of Ultra-High Energies" held at Oxford in 1982, 385 pp., and an article entitled "Synchrotron Radiation--Early History" with notes, correspondence, and copies of affidavits, 1947-1997, 52 pp., contributed by John P. Blewett; a four-page essay on factors which influenced the planning of U.S. polar programs for the International Geophysical Year 1957-1958 by Nathaniel Charles Gerson; and some lecture notes and a manuscript entitled "Hydrodynamic control of a diffusion plant" by Elliott W. Montroll, among others, from 1952, 1.5 inches; a statement about The Field of Low Temperature Physics written by Russell Donnelly for use at NASA, 1994, 8 pp.; copies of selected notes and interviews by Henry Guerlac of Luis Alvarez, Lloyd Berkner, and Lee DuBridge (from the John Bryant Collection at the Historical Electronics Museum, Inc., Baltimore), 87 pp.; a copy of an article entitled "Some thoughts and recollections at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the transistor", with a copy of a historical survey submitted to the IEEE-Proceedings for the 1998 50th anniversary issue; "The Lesser Known History of the Crystal Amplifier" from Herbert F. Mataré, 50 pp.; and copies of articles by Norman F. Ramsey on molecular beams, atomic clocks and related matters, 1983-1995, 42 pp.

Manuscript Biographies and Institutional Histories

As a result of the survey of geophysicists reported in last fall's Newsletter, a number of respondents returned personal autobiographical statements in addition to the questionnaire, vita and list of publications. These have so far included: Leroy Romney Alldredge, Markus Bath, Reid Bryson, Robert Griffin Coleman, Harry George Drickamer, Kenneth O. Emery, Richard W. Eppley, Naoshi Fukushima, Roger Gendrin, John A. Jacobs, Harold S. Johnston, William M. Kaula, Carl Kisslinger, Anthony Seymour Laughton, Douglas K. Lilly, Dan P. McKenzie, Rudolf O. Meissner, Ivan I. Mueller, Eugene Newman Parker, George L. Pickard, Tsuneji Rikitake, and Edwin Roedder. A biographical statement about Arnold Siegert was donated by Robert A. Rosenstein.

Our Institutional History Collection increased with the addition of The Brookhaven Electron Analogue, 1953-1957 (104 pp.); Origins and History of the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility: the First Twenty Years at Los Alamos, 1963 (79 pp.) and 1972 (68 pp.); a Personnel Directory (35 pp.) and Group Organization List (65 pp.), 1945, for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Laboratory; the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) publication CERN's 25 GeV Proton Synchrotron, 1960 (25 pp.). All were donated by John P. Blewett. Two items, The Early History of URA and Fermilab, 1992, 14 pp., and a Brookhaven Lecture Series print of Early History of Associated Universities and Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1966, 17 pp., were donated by their author, Norman F. Ramsey. Melba Phillips contributed a copy of Edward U. Condon's letter to Raymond T. Birge commenting on his Early History of the Physics Department of the University of California, Berkeley, 1967, 9 pp.

Audio-Visual Materials

Additions to our holdings of videotape recordings include a recording made by J. Eric Slone in 1986 of Richard P. Feynman giving the First Dirac Memorial Lecture on Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics, "The Reason for Antiparticles". E.L. Jossem donated a recording of his Overall Conference Summary recorded in 1996 at the International Conference on Undergraduate Physics Education in College Park, MD. Ed Cliver donated copies of a series on Hydrology Pioneers videotaped from the 1997 AGU Spring Meeting, including interviews of Peter S. Eagleson, Terence O'Donnell, James C.I. Dooge, Stanley N. Davis, David Dawdy, John Philip, Gilbert White, Mark F. Meier, and the Langbein Lecture by Wilfried Brutsaert. We received a videotape of "SQUIDs Past, Present and Future: A symposium in honor of James E. Zimmerman", November 1997, from Richard L. Kautz at NIST in Colorado. Joseph Leary at GTE donated a videotaped interview he conducted in April, 1998 with Leo Beranek, acoustician and co-founder of BBN Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

With the aid of funds from our Friends, some of our films have been reformatted onto videotape in order to improve researcher access and avoid wear and tear on the original materials. These include: films donated by Heinrich Adolf Medicus of the International Congress for Physics, Zurich, Switzerland, 1948; the International Congress for Nuclear physics, quantum electrodynamics and cosmic radiation, Basel, Switzerland, 1949; and the International Congress of Physics, Como, Italy, 1949. Many noted physicists appear in these films. A large number of prominent astronomers may be seen on the VHS copy of Peter Van de Kamp's film of three conferences, the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagrams Symposium, 1964, the Cosmic Distance Scale Conference, 1956, and the meeting of a steering committee at Princeton in 1955. Finally, all of the 16 mm films from the collection of William F. Meggers have been transferred to video tape. Subjects seen in these home movies include family events and local and international travels for personal as well as professional meetings -- with images of numerous spectroscopists and other scientists -- in the years 1927-1957.

Additions to our collection of audio tape recordings include a copy of Albert Einstein's Voice of America Broadcast from December 10, 1945; the H. Richard Crane Symposium, Ann Arbor,1997, with speakers Jens Zorn, Norman F. Ramsey, Andrew M. Sessler, David T. Wilkinson, S. Krimm, and Cynthia Yao; David Cassidy donated a recording of speeches by Werner Heisenberg and E.T.S. Walton given during Lindau meetings of Nobel prize winners, 1955 and 1968 respectively; a plenary lecture by Jack S. Kilby on The Electron: Celebrating 100 years during the 1997 American Vacuum Society meeting; and a symposium at SLAC on Electron Linear Accelerators in honor of Richard B. Neal's 80th birthday, 1997, donated by Nina Stolar. We now have cassette audio tapes, sent by Richard Borkowski, of the Gamow Lectures on Cosmology given at the University of Colorado in 1968.

Finding Aids

In the past year we received finding aids to the following collections in the United Kingdom: David Bohm papers at Birkbeck College Library in London, the Philip Burton Moon papers at the University of Birmingham, and the Durham University Observatory records at the University of Durham. In the United States, the California Institute of Technology Archives has contributed new and updated finding aids for the papers of: Max Delbrück, Lee A. DuBridge, Paul Sophus Epstein, Richard P. Feynman, Jesse L. Greenstein, Beno Gutenberg, Charles C. Lauritsen, Thomas Lauritsen, Clair C. Patterson, Charles F. Richter, and Howard P. Robertson. We also have finding aids or inventories to the papers of Joseph W. Chamberlain, John W. Freeman, William Vermillion Houston, and F. Curtis Michel from Rice University; the William Maurice Ewing papers and the Ilya Prigogine papers at the University of Texas at Austin; and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Office of the Director, Henry Bryant Bigelow.

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