AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXVII, No. 1, Spring 1995


International Science Foundation Creates Archives on Science in the Former Soviet Union
The American Physical Society's International Affairs Office recently transferred to the Niels Bohr Library 68 linear feet of material relating to their work with the International Science Foundation. The bulk of this accession comprises proposals submitted to the Foundation's Long-Term Research Grant program. Taken together they provide a unique cross-section of the important science work underway at the time of transition from the Soviet Union to seperate republics. Brian Bonner of the APS International Affairs Office explains the background: In 1992, George Soros announced in Washington the establishment of the International Science Foundation (ISF) for the republics of the former Soviet Union (fSU). This 2-year, $100 million response to the crisis in basic science in the fSU included a wide variety of support programs from competititve research grants to conference travel support for library/journal assistance. The American Phyisical Society (APS) in collaboration with the other U.S. scientific societies, played a large role in assisting the Foundation in implementing its programming. By far the largest task was administrative support for the ISF's Long-Term Research Grant program. In the space of 10 months, APS processed 6,000 proposals and coordinated nine review panels (10-15 members each) in the International Affairs Office, while tracking each proposal's peer reviewewrs and panelist assignments.

Some of the archival material is restricted; pleas contact the Niels Bohr Library for more information

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