AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXVIII, No. 1, Spring 1996


New Computer Database Improves Access to NASA Historical Reference Collection

For some time the NASA History Office has been working to create a database finding aid for the NASA Historical Reference Collection. This effort allows researchers to locate historical documents contained in the collection using computer searches on authors, titles, keywords, subjects, dates, etc. It will not replace the paper copy of the document, at least not yet, but it should speed and enhance the ease of the search for pertinent material. About three-quarters of the material in the immediate collection has been entered into the database and is now available for search by those using the collection. When researchers arrive they will now be directed to a computer in the office and asked to query the finding aid for information about their individual research subjects. The next effort will be to link the database to the NASA Headquarters local area network; eventually it will be placed on the Internet for the use of outside users.

For information contact the NASA History Office, Code ZH, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC, 20546; phone 202-358-0383, Fax 202-358-2866, e-mail:; or check their Web site at

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