AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXIX, No. 1, Spring 1997


Supplement to Guide to Archival Collections in the AIP Niels Bohr Library Available Soon

The Library has acquired a substantial amount of new archival material since the 1995 Guide to the Archival Collections of the Niels Bohr Library was prepared. Now, to provide more detailed information and to improve researcher access, we are preparing a printed supplement to our published Guide which will include all source material acquired between January 1993 and January 1997. The supplement will contain around 200 indexed entries describing manuscript materials, microfilm, oral history interviews, manuscript biographies, institutional histories, and audio-visual materials. Highlights include William Glen´s extensive series of interviews documenting the debate over astrophysical causes for the extinction of dinosaurs (1984-1994); Roy Garstang´s set of 33 student notebooks from courses taken at the University of Cambridge (1943-1951); films of Richard Feynman´s Messenger Lectures on the character of physical law at Cornell University, 13 reels (1964); and 28 videotapes of Elliot Montroll´s physics lecture series at Wayne State University, (1974). The Guide supplement will be available by July 1997.

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