AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXIX, No. 1, Spring 1997


"Discovery of the Electron" Centennial Exhibit Among Enhancements of AIP History World Wide Web Site

To increase public understanding of physics by using the occasion of the 100th anniversary of J.J. Thomsonīs discovery of the first subatomic particle, the AIP Center for History of Physics is mounting a compact exhibit on the World Wide Web. With seven text pages and some twenty photographs and other illustrations, as well as animations and a sound clip of Thomsonīs voice, the exhibit aims to give a student-level audience an appreciation of the background, nature and consequences of this momentous discovery (/history/electron).

The Centerīs much larger exhibit Einstein: Image and Impact (/history/einstein) received over 1,000 visitors in its first month, even before it was reviewed or indexed by Web services. In February it was honored as one of twenty Educational Sites of the Month by Education World (tm). The exhibits and other features of the AIP Website are catching the attention of a new audience, especially students who are discovering the reference services of the Niels Bohr Library. Inquiries by e-mail now substantially exceed those received by post office and telephone.

Expanded Features of the Centerīs Website

News items including announcements of meetings and fellowships, as seen in this Newsletter, are now being updated between the semi-annual print issues. It has often been the case that items could not be printed before the deadlines they announced; people with Web access can now find more timely information at /history/meetings.htm.

Links to related Websites are also added or updated periodically at /history/web-link.htm.

Over two hundred photographs available from the Emilio Segrč Visual Archives may now be viewed at http// More pictures will be added on a regular basis from the over 20,000 in the collection.

Finding aids to archival collections in the Niels Bohr Library are also being added regularly, beginning with the most-used materials, at /history/ead/findingaids.html. Users can now print out a personal copy of a finding aid at low cost, and can also easily search the text with their own computer for names of interest.

Plans are underway to make available the entire International Catalog of Sources for the History of Physics and Allied Sciences, the book catalog of the Niels Bohr Library and other features; we recommend checking several times a year for new services.

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