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At left: "From left to right, Niels Bohr, James Franck, Albert Einstein, and Isidor I. Rabi, 1954; At right: William Shockley (left) and Charles Kittel, 1948.

At left: Italian Physicist Orso Mario Corbino, 1908; Center: Enrico Fermi (far left) with N. Carrara and Franco Rasetti; At right: J.J. Thomson with F.B. Jewett, 1923.

Science is an adventure of the whole human race to learn to live in and perhaps to love the universe in which they are.... I propose that science be taught at whatever level, from the lowest to the highest, in the humanistic way. It should be taught with a certain historical understanding... and a human understanding in the sense of the biography, the nature of the people who made this construction, the triumphs, the trials, the tribulations. --I.I. Rabi

At left: Hans Bethe, 1978; Center: Crawford H. Greenewalt, 1978; At right: AIP's Director of Physics Programs, James H. Stith.

Top left: Soviet physicist Petr Feofilov; At right: High-frequency coils demonstration drawings from a scientific instrument catalog published by L.E. Knott Apparatus Company, 1916; Bottom left: A 1965 caricature of Soviet nuclear physicist Igor Tamm; Bottom right: A drawing by John Archibald Wheeler prepared for Gravitation, 1970.

One striking transformation typically experienced by students encountering the history of science for the first time is that they realize that the development of science has involved not only settled conclusions, but also scientific creators, not only scientific creations, but also intense controversies. This transformation helps students to see science as an intensely human enterprise. --Michael J. Crowe

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