AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXI, No. 1, Spring 1999


Center for History of Physics Development Committee Expands Its Work

The Development Committee of the AIP Center for History of Physics is taking an increasingly active role towards securing the Center s financial future. Like any other institution with a long-term purpose, the Center must take stock of trends and plan for the future if it is to continue to fulfill its mission to preserve and make known the history of physics and allied fields. At present the greater part of the Center s financial support comes from the American Institute of Physics, where it is a line division. The bulk of AIP s revenue is derived from the publication of scientific journals. In years to come, the rapid growth of computerized online sources may have a negative impact on such publishing revenues. While there will always be a Center for History of Physics and AIP will always support it, we can no longer assume that AIP funding will be adequate to cover all our needs into the indefinite future. We would be derelict in our responsibility to the larger physics community and future generations if we were to ignore these realities. We must build now a financial base strong enough for the Center to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

In the months to come we will be working to increase the number of Friends, reaching out to find new members among the many who have not previously supported our work, while strengthening ties with our long-time Friends. We will devote greater efforts to seeking out large donors, both individual and institutional.

The Physics Legacy Circle of people who have pledged bequests in support of the Center will be of particular importance. Members of the Physics Legacy Circle are recognized in the Friends pages of this newsletter and their names are listed on a plaque at the Niels Bohr Library as well as a virtual plaque on the World-Wide Web. Most importantly, they have the gratification of knowing that they have made a significant personal commitment to an ongoing endeavor that will benefit future generations.

As we lay the groundwork for a stronger outreach effort, we are fortunate to be led by an experienced and dedicated Development Committee. The members include:

John Toll (chair), Malcolm Brachman, Gerald Holton, John H. Marurger, Mark N. McDermott, Robert Resnick, John Rigden, Roland Schmitt, and Rosalyn S. Yalow

We expect to add more members in the near future. In the coming year these committed volunteers will be calling upon you to consider your support of the Center for History of Physics, the place it holds in the scientific community, and what you can do to strengthen it. The pre-eminent institution devoted to the history of physics and allied fields must be strong and vital. We know we can depend on the physics community to keep it that way.

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