AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXI, No. 1, Spring 1999


Documentation Preserved: Report from the International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences
Compiled by Caroline Moseley

This is our regular survey of archives and other repositories giving information on materials of interest to historians and others. Many of these are new deposits not yet processed, but we also include collections that were accessioned years ago but not previously reported here. Some have restricted access. Please contact the repository for further information.

Simon Fraser University. Archives Department 8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6 (contact: Frances Fournier).

Records of the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology. The society focuses on providing a support network to practicing women scientists and technologists and encouraging young women to maintain interest in math and science and to consider careers in these areas. 1981-1995. 15 ft. textual materil, 29 audio cassettes.

University of Aarhus. Institute for the History of Science. Aarhus, Denmark (contact: Helge Kragh).

Papers of Jens Lindhard, 1922-1997. Danish professor of theoretical physics. Includes correspondence, mainly from 1975 to 1995, notes, calculations, drafts, newspaper clippings, etc., and many boxes with preprints and reprints. Preliminary review found that most of the material is quite recent with little relating to the period 1945-1965 (there appears to be no correspondence with either Niels or Aage Bohr). 1945-1995. 100 archival boxes.

Imperial College of Science and Technology. Imperial College Archives. London SW7 2AZ England, UK

Papers of Brian Hilton Flowers, 1924-. Worked at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell in the Nuclear Physics and Theoretical Physics Divisions (1946-1950); University of Birmingham (1950-1952); head of Theoretical Physics Division, AERC Harwell (1952-1958); University of Manchester professor of Theoretical Physics (1958-1961) and then Langworthy Professor of Physics and head of the department (1961-1967); chairman of the Science Research Council (1967-1972); rector of Imperial College of Science and Technology, London (1973-1985); vice-chancellor of the University of London (1985-1990); chancellor of the University of Manchester (1994- ). Biographical material documents most stages of Flowers s career from 1958 to 1990, and includes papers relating to his various appointments, honors and awards, photographs and press clippings. His undergraduate studies at Cambridge are also represented through five notebooks from the early 1940s. There is material reflecting his concerns for science education and research, his political interests, and his career at the University of Manchester. Also included are speeches, lectures and broadcasts, and his contributions to House of Lords debates from 1979. There are also lecture courses from the University of Birmingham (1950-1952) and the University of Manchester (1958-1967), and broadcasts for BBC radio (1957-1983). Flowers s involvement in numerous UK and international bdies is documented, particularly his association with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority between 1958 and 1977. Political concerns are reflected through correspondence and papers relating to Pugwash Conferences (1962-1967). The principle component of Flowers s correspondence is an extensive sequence of "personal correspondence" whose subject matter covers a wide range of professional issues and more personal matters relating to colleagues, friends and family. There are also day files (1990-1997), and correspondence with J.W. Bray MP (1966) and Lord Rothschild (1970s and 1980s) which were kept as separate sequences. 1940s to 1998.

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur F"rderung der Wissenschaften. Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. Boltzmannstrasse 14, Berlin-Dahlem D-14195, Germany (contact: Marion Kazemi).

Papers of Theodor Förster, 1910-1974. Physical chemist. Scientific member (from 1950) and external scientific member (from 1952) of the Max-Planck-Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Göttingen. Research on fluorescence, quantum mechanics, and theoretical chemistry. Manuscripts of his lectures. Available for use in 2004. 1953-1955. 1 bundle.

Papers of Albert H. Weller, 1922-1996. Physical chemist. Director and scientific member of the Max-Planck-Institut fü Spektroskopie, Göttingen (1965-1990). Research on spectroscopy and photochemistry. Includes scientific correspondence, some records of his activities at the institute and the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, and also material relating to his honors. Available for use in 2020. 1963-1995. 5.4 m.

Rijksarchief in Noord-Holland te Haarlem. Kleine Houtweg 18, Haarlem, Netherlands.

Papers of Siegfried A. Wouthuysen, 1916-1996. Physicist. Born in Amsterdam, he studied at Leiden University prior to World War II. After the war he studied with Robert Oppenheimer and received his PhD in 1948 from the University of California at Berkeley. He returned to the Netherlands in 1949 and joined the new Instituut voor Theoretische Fysica of the University of Amsterdam as professor of physics where he continued to work until 1984. He also served on the Scientific Policy Committee of CERN in the early 1960s, and served on the Pugwash Committee, contributing to the Pugwash Statement of 1962. The papers concern Wouthuysen s education, his work as a professor of physics, his scientific work, and his many secondary activities, and testify to his many friendships in the international physics community. They contain a series of correspondence (1935-1996) and a series of scientific notes (1950-1996). His student years are documented by notes taken at Ghent and Leiden and files relating to the debating society "Christiaan Huygens." His teaching career is documented by lecture notes and files relating to the supervision of students. Also included are files on conferences in which Wouthuysen participated and files relating to CERN and the Pugwash Committee. Some of the topics covered in the papers include his work in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. 1934-1996. 39 lin. ft.

Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow Branch. Archive. Ul. Novocheremushkinskaia, 34, Moscow 117218, Russia (contact: Elena Curapova).

Papers of Antolii Petrovich Aleksandrov, 1903-1994. Physicist. Research on nuclear physics, solid state physics, physics of polymers, and nuclear reactors. Worked as a researcher and later as laboratory director at the Leningrad Physico-Technical Institute (1930-1946), director of the Institute of Physical Problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow (1946-1955), director of the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy in Moscow (1960-1988). Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and its president from 1975 to 1986. Papers include manuscripts of scientific papers; lectures (including popular lectures) on nuclear energy, the organization of Soviet science, and space research. Also includes recollections about A.F. Ioffe, I.V. Kurchatov, and others; documents relating to his activities as president of the USSR Academy of Sciences; correspondence with various academic institutions; personal correspondence with S.I.Alikhanian, N.M. Emmanuel, G.N.Flerov, B.E. Paton, N.N. Semenov, V.V. Shuleikin, and E.P.Velikhov among others; and biographical documents (1973-1985) including diplomas, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Papers open for research. 1933-1985. 5.6 lin. meters. Papers of Aksel Ivanovich Berg, 1893-1979. Physics and technology of radio and microelectronics; leader of Soviet research on cybernetics and electronic devices. Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Navy admiral. Navy service (1918-1922), commander of the Scientific Research Institute on Communications of the Red Navy (1932-1940), director of the Scientific Research Institute of Radioelectronics (1947-1957), deputy minister of defense (1953-1957). Papers include: works and lectures (published and unpublished) on cybernetics and radio technology (1940-1978); lecture courses (1922-1959); official reports about research work (1945-1977); correspondence on administrative and editorial matters; biographical documents (1908-1979) including diaries, notebooks, photographs, and newspaper clippings; personal correspondence (1941-1979) and drafts of letters with A.I. Adzhubei (Editor of the newspaper Izvestia), A.P. Aleksandrov, N.N. Andreev, D.L. Armand (geographer), O.K. Antonov (airplane designer), M.Kh. Bagramian (marshal), O.M. Belotserkovsky, A.N. Frumkin, A.A.Grechko (marshal, minister of defense), I.S. Isakov (Navy admiral), P.L. Kapitza, M.D. Millionschikov, and A.L.Mints, among others. Papers open for research. 1908-1979s. 9.6 lin. meters.

Papers of Alexandr Iosifovich Frumkin, 1895-1976. Physical chemist, director of the Institute of Electrochemistry. Personal papers, correspondence, and a book manuscript. Closed until processed. 1930s-1970s. 0.3 lin. meters.

Papers of Vitalii Iosifovich Goldanskii, 1923-. Physicist (nuclear physics and physical chemistry). Papers include mostly correspondence with foreign colleagues and scientific institutions. Closed until processed. 1970s - 1990s. 1.5 lin. meters.

Papers of Antolii Alekseevich Logunov, 1926-. Physicist (theoretical high-energy phyics and experimental nuclear physics. Documents mostly cover Longunov's activites as vice-president of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Closed until rocessed. 1960s-1980s. 5 lin. meters.

Papers of Ivan Vasilevich Obreimov, 1894-1981. Physicist (spectroscopy and molecular physics, nuclear physics). Organizer and the first director of the Kharkov Physico-Technical Institute (1929-1932). Papers include scientific manuscripts and correspondence. Closed until processed. 0.3 lin. meters.

Papers of Aleksandr Iosifovich Shalnikov, 1905-1986. Physicist (low temperature physics, superconductivity). Discovered intermediate state of superconductors in 1941. Personal papers include scientific manuscripts, patents, correspondence. Closed until processed. 1930s-1980s. 0.8 lin. meters.

Papers of V. V. Shuleykin, 1894-1979. Geophysicist and the founder of Soviet oceanography. Personal papers include manuscripts of scientific papers, foreign correspondence, photos, and diaries of expeditions on oceanographic ships. Closed until processed. 1920s-1970s. 0.8 lin. meters.

Papers of Sergei Arkadevich Vekshinskii, 1896-1974. Physicist (applied physics), specialist in physics instruments and electrovacuum technology. Personal papers include laboratory notebooks, manuscripts of unpublished and published reports, patents, scientific correspondence, and paintings. Closed until processed. 1900s-1970s. 3.8 lin. meters.

Papers of IAkov Borisovich Zeldovich, 1914-1987. Physicist ad astrophysicist. Produced classic works on chemical physics, nuclear physics, cosmology, and astrophysics. Personal papers include documents from 1930s to 1980s, including working notebooks, drafts of scientific papers, lectures and correspondence. Closed until processed. 1930s-1980s. 2.1 lin. meters.

American Philosophical Society. Library. 105 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA (contact: Robert Cox).

Papers of Edward Granville Ramberg, 1907-1996. Physicist. Over half of the collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, and subject files on Ramberg s work with Amnesty International, American Friends Service Committee, and local peace groups. The rest of the collection contains correspondence, research notes, lab notebooks, technical reports and reprints generated during his years as an RCA research physicist (1935-1972), and as a student. Of particular interest is correspondence, 1946-1951, between Ramberg and his professor at Munich, Arnold Sommerfeld. Most of these letters are in German. Also important is the material produced while Ramberg was an active member of the Society for Responsibility in Science. 1921-1994 (bulk, 1940-1994). 11 lin. ft.

Catholic University of America. Department of Archives, Manuscripts and Museum Collections. Muller Library, Room 5 Washington, DC 20064, USA (contact: Timothy Meagher or William John Shepherd).

Papers of Clyde L. Cowan, 1919-1974. Physicist and educator. Physicist at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (1949-1957) where he became a group leader in the Nuclear Weapons Test Division; joined the physics faculty at the Catholic University of American (CUA) as an ordinary professor in 1958. A co-discoverer of the neutrino in 1956, he was a pioneer in the technique of particle detection used in elementary particle physics, the monitoring of low levels of radioactivity, and the medical uses of radioactive isotopes. Correspondence, research notes, published articles, public lecture slides, and blueprintsrelating to both his work at Los Alamos and CUA. Additional CUA material include Student examinations, dissertation research, class notes, and computer readouts. 1952-1974. 9 ft. (7 boxes).

Hawaii State Archives. Iolani Palace Grounds. Honolulu, HI 96813, USA (contact: Patricia Lai).

Records of Governor George Ariyoshi. Correspondence with State Executive Departments (Series 236, box 236-90) contains records relating to Mauna Kea land use issues and the Mauna Kea Observatory. 1974-1982.

Louisiana State University. Hill Memorial Library. Special Collections. Lousiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections. Baton Rouge, LA, USA (contact: Jo Jackson).

Papers of Joseph M. Reynolds, 1924-1997. Physicist (low temperature physics, measuring gravitational waves, superconductors) and university administrator. Professor of physics, vice president for Graduate Studies and Research, and vice president for Academic Affairs, Louisiana State University. The collection documents Reynolds s personal, scholarly, and administrative activities at Louisiana State University, and his extensive involvement in groups that directly influenced national and cooperative efforts in space science. Correspondence, meetings, agendas and minutes, speeches, publicity materials, research papers, reports, photographs, films, clippings, and personal papers span his entire career, but are primarily focused upon the period 1962-1985. Groups represented include the American Physical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Academy of Sciences Naval Studies Board and Space Science Board, Gulf Universities Research Consortium, the Organization for Tropical Studies, and the Consortium for Superconducting Materials and Instrumentation. 1924-1990 (bulk 1962-1985). 5.3 lin. ft.

National Archives and Records Administration. Archives II. College Park, MD, USA (contact: Civilian Records).

Additions to records of the National Science Foundation (RG 307). Includes minutes and related records of the National Science Board. 1952-1955. 1 cu. ft.

National Archives and Records Administration. Pacific Region (San Francisco). 1000 Commodore Drive, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA.

Addition to records of the Atomic Energy Commission (RG 326). Includes Super-Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator drawing lists (1953-1972) of the Accelerator and Fusion Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Bevatron Spectrometer (MK) I-VIII files (1956-1972) and Unilac German plans for a Wider"e Linac Injector (1968-1972) of the Engineering Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. 1956-1972. 3 cu. ft.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Central Library. 1315 East-West Highway, SMC, 2nd Fl., Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA (contact: Doria B. Grimes).

Bruce C. Heezen Collection, 1924-1977. Geology, oceanography; studied the dynamic processes of the ocean floor and documented turbidity currents using the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake. In 1957, in collaboration with Marie Tharp, he also documented the existence of the ocean rift and related seismic activity. The papers include a complete collection of cable company reorts, maps, and log books used to document the speed, location and destructive power of turbidity currents, including the Grand Banks earthquake. Other non-primary materials in the Heezen collection include 50 boxes of printed material and approximately 2,500 books, notebooks and company reports, and 250 maps.

Ohio State University. University Archives. 169 Converse hall, 2121 Tuttle Park Place, Columbus, OH 43210, USA (contact: Raimund Goerler).

Papers of Richard H. Rapp, 1937-. Geodesy (research on earth s gravity field and earth measurement). Professor of geodetic science at Ohio State University (1964-1992), emeritus professor from 1992; used Ohio Supercomputer Center to process data from several million points on the earth to determine within 8 inches the position of the Geosat satellite. Papers include correspondence, presentations, and publications. Ca. 1964-1969. 22 cu. ft.

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Archives. P.O. Box 4349 MS 82, Stanford, CA 94309, USA (contact: Jean Deken).

Papers of Max Dresden, 1918-1997. Physicist (statistical mechanics, superconductivity, quantum field theory, and elementary particle physics). Stanford University professor emeritus. Also a historian of modern science, he researched, lectured and wrote about great scientists of the 1920s and 1930s. While a member of the faculty at the State University of New York at Stony Brook (1964-1989) Dresden helped to found and served as executive director of the Institute for Theoretical Physics. After retiring from Stony Brook, he moved to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center where he continued research, teaching, and lecturing. Papers include personal and professional correspondence, research notes and drafts of published and unpublished manuscripts, including the biography of H.A. Kramers, and drafts and notes of lectures. 1924-1997. 32 cu. ft.

Stanford University. University Archives. Stanford, CA 94304, USA (contact: Margaret Kimball or Patricia White).

Additions to the papers of Robert Hofstadter, 1915-1990. Includes lab notebooks (1943-1955), book drafts and articles, papers concerning the Gamma Ray Observatory and the Energetic Gamma Ray Experimental Telescope, research files on angiography and other topics, and class preparation notes. Unprocessed. 24.5 lin. ft.

Papers of Arthur Schawlow, 1921-. Papers primarily document Schawlow s career at Stanford and include correspondence (1951-1995); lecture notes and class files (1980-1988) containing problem sets and solutions, exams, and other information; grant files; records from participation in professional societies; and reprints of his and his student s articles. Also includes materials pertaining to autism (1981-1989) including a typescript of "Our Autistic Son" by Aurelia T. and Arthur L. Schawlow. 1949-1995. 96 lin. ft.

University of California, San Diego. Archives of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. University of California, San Diego Mail Code C-075-C. La Jolla, CA 92093-0175, USA (contact: Deborah Day).

Papers of Nancy Amanda Bray, 1952-. Physical oceanographer. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD; assistant to associate research oceanographer, (1982-1996); Director, Physical Oceanography Research Division, (1992-1996); CSIRO, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia: visiting scholar, (1996-1997), Chief of Division of Marine Research, (1997-present). The papers document Bray s education especially at Woods Hole Oceanography Institution and her research at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Includes correspondence, reports, scientific papers, research notes, data, and material documenting major ocean circulations studies in the Strait of Gibraltar, the Gulf of California, the Gulf ofMexico, the Indonesian Archipelago and other areas. The papers include documentation of the Northern California Coastal Circulation Study (NCCCS). 1976-1997. 27 cu. ft.

Records of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Scripps Industrial Associates (SIA). SIA was organized in 1969 and became inactive in 1991. Membership was by subscription and consisted of companies with an interest in geophysics and oceanography, including many petroleum companies. Member organizations were entitled to attend seminars at SIO which described the latest research findings in marine geology, geophysics, and oceanography. Membership fees were used to support graduate students and research in the SIO Geological Research Division. The records include correspondence, records of program manager John E. Bennett and administrator George Shor, records of member organizations, contributions and seminars. The records also include research proposals, membership files, and tape recordings of meetings and seminars. 1969-1991. 11.25 lin. ft.

Records of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Office of the Director. These records were generated by the office of the director during the administration of Edward A. Frieman and document all aspects of the administration of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography during that period. 1983-1998. 51 cu. ft.

University of Nevada, Reno. Library. Special Collections Department. (contact: Karen Gash).

Papers of Patrick Squires, 1914-1990. Meteorologist. Leading researcher in cloud-seeding and charter member of the faculty of the University of Nevada, Reno s Desert Research Institute (1966-1977); director of Convective Storms Division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research from 1977. Contains records on cloud and weather data, correspondence, and material pertaining to the Atmospheric Sciences Center directorship. Closed until processed. 15 cu. ft.

University of Washington Libraries. University Archives. Mail Stop #0-10. Seattle, WA 98195, USA (contact: J. Karyl Winn).

Papers of Joseph Edmunds Henderson, 1901-1994. Physicist. Assistant, associate, and full professor, University of Washington (1929-1942), director Applied Physics Lab. (1943-1969). Correspondence, writings, reports, minutes, photographs, memorabilia, one videotape, clippings. Access restricted. 1935-1970. 29.33 cu. ft.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Archives. Mail Stop 8, Woods Hole, MA 02543-1539, USA (contact: Margot Garrett).

Papers of Henry M. Stommel, 1920-1992. Physical oceanographer (founder of the field of dynamical oceanography). Employed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) from 1944-1959 (with two leaves of absence), working first with Maurice Ewing and then with Jeffreys Wyman. Appointed professor at Harvard University (1960-1963) and then Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dept. of Meteorology (1963-). Stommel returned to WHOI in 1978. The collection is organized into nine series: biographical; correspondence; National Science Foundation; scientific experiments and expeditions; drafts of and research for article; book drafts; data; notebooks, lectures, exhibits; and book compilation materials. The collection reflects Stommel s varied scientific interests. A large portion of the collection consists of drafts and research for scientific books and articles, most of which he wrote after returning to WHOI in 1978. His correspondence, with scientific figures of the day, is wide-ranging. 1946-1996 (bulk 1970-1992). 11 record cartons, 3 boxes.

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