AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXI, No. 1, Spring 1999


New Integrated Library System Will Improve Access to Book and Archives Catalogs

A major upgrade will be made in midyear for the AIP History Center s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), which provides Web access to both the International Catalog of Sources and the Niels Bohr Library s book catalog. While the Web catalogs have been successful (ca. 4752 searches logged between May and December 1998), major changes are required this year as the American Institute of Physics changes all its server and applications software to forestall any possible problems from the "Year 2000 bug." We are taking this as an opportunity to move to a more sophisticated product that can integrate many technical library functions into one system. We sought out a package that includes full cataloging (for archives, audiovisual materials, books, and journals) and Web display components; ease of use, and integrated functions such as book purchasing and name "authority" (so a name cannot be entered in two different ways). For users the most important feature will be a customized interface allowing sophisticated searches, including full-text and Boolean operations that our current catalogs do not allow. We selected Ameritech s Horizon software. The installation, testing, training, and customization process will require much staff time, but we expect to have the new system up and running by late summer of 1999.

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