AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXI, No. 1, Spring 1999


Scripps Institution of Oceanography Advances Oral History Program

In preparation for the celebration of the centennial of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 2003, SIO Archives has made a special effort to undertake oral history interviews with selected scientists and others long associated with the institution. Most recently, SIO Archives partnered with the AIP Center for History of Physics to conduct an oral history of geophysicist Walter Munk. The transcript will be available to researchers at SIO Archives and at the AIP Center. This will join other interviews on SIO that are already available. In particular, back in 1988 University of California Berkeley oral historian Sarah Sharp undertook four thematic oral history interviews with oceanographer Roger Revelle, collectively titled, "Oceanography, Population Resources and the World." Transcripts for three of the interviews were issued and are available to scholars. Revelle died while editing the transcript for the fourth interview, entitled "Roger Randall Dougan Revelle: The International Scientist." Sarah Sharp completed the editing of this final Revelle oral history interview, and it has been issued as an SIO Reference Series Number 98-18, 97 pages. Roger Revelle's widow, Ellen Revelle Eckis, a grandniece of Scripps Institution of Oceanography founder Ellen Browning Scripps, was interviewed in 1998 by Judith Morgan. A transcript of this interview is in the editing stages and will be issued by July 1999.

SIO Archives has enlisted graduate students Christopher Henke and Joellen Russell to do a series of short (3-4 hour) oral history interviews with other senior scientists associated with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The transcript for the first of these, an interview with Easter Ellen Cupp (1904- ), the first American woman to receive a doctorate in oceanography, is in the editing stage now. For further information contact the SIO archivist,

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