AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXII, No. 1, Spring 2000


German Geophysical Society Preserves History of the Geosciences

The German Geophysical Society includes a very active History Commission, founded in 1982, and the Society has been publishing the journal Mitteilungen des Arbeitskreises (Communications of the Commission) since then. Mitteilungen is a discussion forum for the history and philosophy of science and especially the geosciences and related disciplines. The commission also collects old instruments, biographical notes, scientific correspondence and other items of historical interest. The lives of leading German seismologists and geophysicists are also being documented, along with histories of institutes, scientific programs and international collaborations.

The History Commission organizes special sessions at the annual meetings of the German Geophysical Society. The sessions are open for general historical topics, but from time to time special historical topics are discussed. For example, the spring 2000 meeting in Munich will have as its topic, "History and Philosophy of Geosciences and Related Disciplines." The History Commission is open to all interested scientists who become members of the German Geophysical Society. To apply for membership, or to obtain a subscription or individual copy of Mitteilungen, contact Wilfried Schröder, Hechelstrasse 8, D-28777, Bremen, Germany.

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