AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXII, No. 1, Spring 2000


New Online Catalogs for Niels Bohr Library Available

The Niels Bohr Library has significantly improved access to information of use to science historians and educators. At the very end of 1999, new online catalogs for the Niels Bohr Library’s book collection and the International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Fields (ICOS) were introduced. Researchers can search the catalogs by directing their Web browsers to /nblcat/ for the book collection or /icos/ for the ICOS, or by linking from the AIP Center for History of Physics home page at

Previous users of our catalogs will appreciate the additional searching options now available. Most significantly, it is now possible to perform keyword searches. These searches can be performed on the entire record or can be limited to the author, title, subject and (for the ICOS) name of the repository that owns the materials. It is also now possible to perform complex keyword searches using boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). Additionally, as in the previous online catalogs, researchers can perform browse (or alphabetical) searches on author, title, subject, and repository name.

The Web catalogs are one component of a larger software package called an integrated library system, or ILS. Library staff carefully reviewed several systems and finally selected Epixtech (formerly Ameritech) Horizon. The Horizon system allows library staff to perform work more efficiently; all tasks such as cataloging are done in one database. This means there are less opportunities for error, and information about new materials appears in the online catalogs sooner. Also, the new Web server is much more stable than the previous one. The old server tended to crash intermittently, while the new server has performed flawlessly to this point. Please feel free to contact the Niels Bohr Library staff (e-mail with any questions or comments about the new online catalogs.

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