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Hendrik Kramers
Hendrik Kramers, with daughter Susan
Hendrik Kramers and J. Robert Oppenheimer
Hendrik Kramers, above left, with his daughter Susan in the center, and at right with J. Robert Oppenheimer. These are three of about fifteen photos generously donated by Professor Paul H.E. Meijer, who originally obtained the photos from Martien Kramers, Kramer’s youngest daughter.

Taken as a story of human achievement and human blindness, the discoveries in the sciences are among the great epics, and they should be available in our tradition.

—J. Robert Oppenheimer

Niels Bohr and Lev Landau
Niels Bohr (left) and Lev Landau (right), along with three student activists: A. Sarvazian, I.S. Alekseev, and Yu. I. Gaponov.

The history of science alone can keep the physicist from the mad ambitions of dogmatism as well as the despair of Pyrrhonnian skepticism.

—Pierre Duhem

Raymond Davis and Gerhardt Friedlander
Raymond Davis (right) and Gerhardt Friedlander (left).

Photo credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory, courtesy AIP Emilio Segrč Visual Archives.

Raymond Davis, John Galvin and Bruce Cleveland

1999 Wolf Prize in Physics recipient Raymond Davis (center) with John Galvin (left) and Bruce Cleveland (right) in 1977.

The history of science is science itself; the history of an individual, the individual.


More photos accompanied these articles in the Spring 2000 newsletter:

Natural Philosophy and Early Physics in the American Philosophical Society Library - includes a photo depicting a wind rose from the chapter “Of Aiery Meteors”, once considered a part of ‘physicks’ in Charles Morton’s 17th century manuscript. Also includes a photo of a seventeenth century discussion of the optics of the rainbow, in Morton’s System of Physicks.

“Copenhagen” Play Portrays Bohr and Heisenberg - includes photos from both the Copenhagen and New York productions of this play).

History of Science in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library - includes photos of the letter drafted by Leo Szilard and signed by Albert Einstein, warning Roosevelt that atomic weapons might be built.

Processing of Frederick Reines Papers Celebrated with Exhibit - includes photos of Reines at the blackboard (a picture of the cover of an exhibit poster), inspecting neutrino detection equipment, and members of the “Project Poltergeist” neutrino detection team at the Hanford reactor site in 1953.

New Quarters for the University of Minnesota Archives - includes a photo of A.O.C. Nier with his mass spectrometer.

New Start for the Joint Atlantic Seminar in the History of the Physical Sciences - photo of historians of physics.

Decade-long AIP Study of Collaborations Completed - includes photo of AIP Working Group members.

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