AIP History Center Newsletter
Volume XXXIII , No. 1, Spring 2001


Bibliography of Secondary Literature on the History of Electricity and Magnetism in Medicine and the Life Sciences Now Available

The Bakken Library and Museum has compiled a bibliography of 760 works relating to the history of electricity in medicine and the life sciences. One of the most interesting aspects of this field is its highly interdisciplinary character, which crosses the histories of science, technology, and medicine, with occasional forays into the histories of art, music, literature, religion, and other topics. Some of the subjects included in this bibliography are: the history of electrotherapeutics, electrophysiology, electrocardiology, bioelectricity, electrodiagnosis, electro-puncture, galvanosurgery and electroencephalography. The bibliography is organized alphabetically by author within four sections, and is searchable electronically by using the "Find" function under the "Edit" menu of most Web browsers.

The continued growth of the literature on the history of "electricity in life" ensures that this bibliography can only be a work-in-progress. We look forward to regularly updating it. This is not to say that the present bibliography has identified all the sources published to date, of course, and we encourage researchers to kindly alert us to any errors or omissions. Please direct correspondence to David Rhees at We hope that this valuable research tool will appear in print in the not-too-distant future; at present it is located at

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