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Volume XXXIII , No. 1, Spring 2001


Friends of the Center for History of Physics

Allan R. Sandage

Allan R. Sandage, the first recipient of the Peter Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize in 2000 (shared with Jim Peebles), is celebrating this recognition of his achievement by donating the full value of his $150,000 cash prize to the Center for History of Physics' Endowment Fund. We at the American Institute of Physics extend hearty congratulations and a very big thank you to Dr. Sandage for his generosity and foresight in helping us preserve our past.

The Peter Gruber Foundation established the Cosmology Prize as the first major award dedicated to cosmology. The prize will be given annually to an outstanding astronomer, cosmologist, physicist, mathematician, or philosopher of science, honoring those who have contributed to fundamental advances in the field of cosmology. This prestigious award will help to acknowledge and encourage exploration in cosmology and improve our understanding of the universe.

Allan Sandage, Staff Astronomer Emeritus at the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, was awarded this prize for his achievements in observational cosmology. Mainly using the 200-inch telescope on Mount Palomar, he has tackled the task of charting the expansion of the universe. In his tireless pursuit of the Hubble Constant and related problems he has achieved major findings in stellar evolution, dating of the ages of stars and the universe, quasars, galaxy classification, formation and evolution, pulsating variable stars, and methods of correcting for observational selection bias.

Additional information on the prize may be found at the Peter Gruber Foundation's Web site at

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